Flagship Features of MacBook Air

The MacBook Air has been the main flagship product from Apple and most likely the best PC accessible now for the users. The Slim and sleek MacBook Air has an exquisite plan and its shape, size and value make it the best workstation in spite of the tough competition in laptop computer market these days. The MacBook Air has the best features of the present day days. The MacBook Air is released in 11″ and 13″ sizes with class leading and outstanding features. The MacBook Air by Apple is the best product in competition with all its competitors. Despite the fact that MacBook Air still lacks some of the latest features like touchscreen panel along with a high resolution display. But, it is still the most popular choice among the laptops available in the market.

Here is the section of the best features of Apple’s MacBook Air, which comes bundled along with the following features.

  1. Long Battery life

The MacBook Air has a long battery life which can long keep going for up to 12 hours. The 11-inch MacBook Air can easily provide the power for up to 9 hours while the 13-inch MacBook Air has 12 hours of battery life. Intel’s new hardware has resulted in improvements in the battery life of the MacBook air as compared to that of the old 11-inch MacBook Air which provided 5 hours of battery life which is presently ventured up to 9 hours and 8 hours of iTunes playback. The 13-inch MacBook Air now improved up to 12 hours of battery life which was 7 hours previously and Movie playback is also increased up to 10 hours. It clearly indicates that the 13-inch MacBook Air is better in terms of the battery backup as compared to some other Mac PC or other marked workstations running Windows versions or Linux flavors available. The MacBook Air is the right product for you in the event where there is a requirement of long battery life. On the off chance that you are occupied man, and don’t have enough time to charge your laptop regularly, the MacBook Air may be your No. 1 preference.

  1. Widescreen

In you need to watch motion pictures, news, games and need to utilize your workstation as a TV then the MacBook Air makes you feel like you are watching a TV while using your laptop. The 11-inch MacBook Air offers 16:9 screen aspect ratio which is similar to that of a widescreen TV, 11-inch MacBook Air is extraordinary to use for such reason as it is a Mac laptop to offer 16:9 angle proportion. 16:9 angle proportion is all the more regularly offered by widescreen TVs and the 11-inch MacBook Air which has the same screen aspect ratio which makes it a fantastic laptop computer for watching films, news, sports or some other program. The 11-inch MacBook Air is the only Mac PC to offer 16:9 screen aspect ratio while the other Mac laptops including 13-inch MacBook Air offer the 16:10 screen aspect proportion.

  1. Fast internet connection – 802.11ac Wi-Fi

If you need fast and reliable web connection on your laptop.  we are happy to educate you that the new MacBook Air models now facilitate the 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The 802.11ac Wi-Fi is the most recent wireless connection standard which offers three times more speed than the current 802.11n standard. Apple has rolled out this feature in order to attain/provide a fast  Internet connection and it is very evident that this feature will definitely stand out enough to be noticed. With the 802.11ac Wi-Fi Apple additionally offers another 802.11ac variant of the AirPort Extreme in light of the fact that 802.11ac is not accessible in the many markets yet.

  1. More Storage with More speed

Apple has increased the measure of capacity 2 times in MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch models both without increasing the cost. Previously,  MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch models facilitated 64GB memory which is currently double and now MacBook Air comes with 128GB of flash memory. The already fast performing flash memory has been increased, now it is made up to 45 percent quicker than the flash memories of the past MacBook Air releases.

  1. Good Quality Webcam

Webcam of the MacBook Air is also improved than others Windows laptops. The MacBook Air’s FaceTime camera takes a better picture in competitions with its rivals. The camera of the MacBook Air enables it to have the upper hand above all its rivals. If your friends have iPhone or iPad then you won’t discover any trouble to have a chat with them over FaceTime on Apple MacBook Air.

  1. Best in Class Keyboard

Apple has done essentially well to fit a full-size keyboard which types without any no trouble. The Keyboard of MacBook Air is backlit which permits you to type even in the dimmest light. There is an embedded ambient light sensor which identifies the changes in the lighting. The Ambient light sensor recognizes and modifies the display & brightness of the keyboard, it doesn’t make a difference where you are using your MacBook Air your keyboard will show and the light would be balanced naturally. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you are sitting in the classroom or in a garden you will dependably get perfect lighting for any condition. In the MacBook Air’s console, you will discover alternate key for the Mission Control which causes you to see your open applications. We ought to welcome Apple’s efforts since it is difficult to make an easy to use the keyboard for a laptop.

  1. Hassle – free software experience

In the MacBook Air shifting from various running, applications is as simple as you ever wished. In the event that you are worried about Windows for OS X, you will be diminished subsequent to realizing that shifting here isn’t hard actually, the user experience feels more natural than Windows 8. For instance, Spotlight helps you to look for anything you require with suggestions and notifications, which enable you to react to messages without exiting the current application.

For the general population who have used iOS gadget, OS X will be very helpful, they start with an email on their iPhone and after that start on the MacBook Air right the last where they left off. Apple has made it simple to even send text and make calls from the MacBook Air.

8.The Powerful Intel Haswell processors

Apple MacBook Air features the Intel’s fourth-gen ULT dual-core processors. The ULT double center processor is the ultrabook class of Intel’s Haswell platform. The new MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch the two models come with a 1.3-GHz Intel Core i5 processor by a standard. You can assemble with a 1.7-GHz Core i7 yet for this you need to pay more $150. Both the models of MacBook Air come with 4GB RAM as standard.

  1. More Stunning Graphics: Intel HD Graphics

The new MacBook Air models have improved in the arena of graphics also. The new models of MacBook Air have improved in the real graphics because of Haswell’s high graphics capability. Presently both the models likewise offer the enhanced Intel HD Graphics 5000. The results demonstrate that new MacBook Air has improved to 40 percent in the graphics arena.

The above mentioned are the best and the latest features of the MacBook Air, which make it the No. 1 product available in the market.


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