Five Things You Should NOT Do In A Relationship

Whether you are in a relationship now or just want to be; there are some things that you should be aware of that could signal the end of the relationship. Review the following list and make sure you are innocent of these relationship killers.

Being Judgemental

Odds are you don’t like being judged, so why would you think that continued judging of your partner and others would be acceptable behavior in yourself? If you are always thinking you are better than everyone else, soon no one else will want to be around you because no one wants to always be found wanting.

If you truly don’t like being judged by others yet you continue to do it, there may be some disconnect that you are covering up. Find alternative ways to express yourself that don’t belittle and demean others.

Telling Others What To Do

Many of us have heard the phrase, “you aren’t the boss of me”. Many of us like to be in control of situations as it helps us to feel powerful. Having to always be in control actually illustrates your lack of power. Instead of always telling your partner what to do, listen and encourage. Activities and events are generally better if all parties are involved willingly instead of being coerced. Work on skills that help you build your partner up and seek input instead of always being the bossy one.

Not Being Responsive

If your partner is never getting an answer from you or you are never offering your opinion that could very well appear to your partner as not caring. If you don’t offer an opinion because you don’t want to rock the boat, then the boat is not very sturdy. If you don’t offer your opinion because it truly doesn’t matter what restaurant you eat at, pick anyway. Sometimes your partner has made all the decisions he or she wants to make in a day and just wants someone else to decide.

Not Listening

Few things are worse than telling your partner about the big accomplishment you received and hearing the words: “Oh what did you say? I wasn’t listening.” If you are in a relationship be IN the relationship. Be mindful and be present in the moment. If you are engaged in a conversation with your partner, don’t pick up your phone and start texting. Don’t interrupt your partner to tell him or her about your day. It isn’t always about you.


If the only time your partner hears your voice is to complain and argue, quickly will come the time that your partner isn’t there to hear you at all. No one wants to hear only negative stuff. That is no way to build and strengthen a relationship. There needs to be positive and negative. If you are going to say something negative, try starting off with a positive first. It is entirely too draining to be around someone who is always negative. We want to fill our space up with people who make us feel good about ourselves and our choices.