Five New Technologies in the Food Industry

Technology and the food service industry have already been growing on their own, and recently, they have been growing together even more rapidly. In a restaurant, whether it is fast food or fine dining, efficiency is the number one goal. Skilled employees with great training will only go so far, which is where technology comes in. People have been using applications to order fast food for awhile now, and there has been a lot of internet and restaurant integration, but there are now even more things developing that are poised to change the industry. It is a very exciting time to be a part of the tech world. Here are five amazing different technology and restaurant marriages developing or advancing.

Restaurant Management Done via Tablet
There are applications popping up like the one for the iPad called Breadcrumb, which was one of the first of its kind, but is all over now. Breadcrumb needed very little improvement. It did things like catalog the menu, process orders, and send them to the kitchen to get worked on and gave a view of tables in real-time.

Get Vending Food Using a Touchscreen
These are a couple years old now, but are still advancing. The combinations are becoming more advanced, and are expanding far beyond soda. Some soda machines are even programed to come out of one spout with many different flavoring options available.

Turning Waste into Energy Automatically
Fryer grease can now be turned into biodiesel. What use to be put in a grease bin, is now going in vehicles. Cities like San Francisco are making this initiative more integrated into the city by providing food waste receptacles at restaurants for easy pickup and use.

Monitoring Employees Using Webcams
This new technology is all about sanitation and quality. Eyes are always on employees and quality control now. Whether in the dining room or kitchen, security webcams keep employees accountable and on task.

LED Sound Alert Systems
Time-sensitive tasks or important situations have become a universal language with alarms. In an industry full of diverse languages, this new tech crosses language barriers to alert everyone to what needs to be done.

Food Prep Tools for making food and dishes even more delicious are a part of any chef’s arsenal. Technology is changing things like food processors, mixers, and strainers to become smarter, faster, and longer lasting. You don’t need a ton of reasons to use side inlet strainers for example, these handy devices make difficult filtration possible for a lot of bulk food items. Companies like SaniClean are doing even more to make sure these strainers stay safe and keep customers free of illness or contamination.
New and old restaurant owners should keep their eyes fixed on these five innovative technologies, but there are many more on the horizon. The food industry outpaces the economy consistently, and the restaurants making it financially reinvest a lot of profit back into technology to make their business more efficient. Efficiency equals more money, and more money will provide more opportunities to reinvest. Technology and food go together like peas and carrots.