Five Fun Twitter Tips For Your Brand’s Success

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites known to the public. They are just right next to Facebook’s popularity. Launched on July 2006, this microblogging network has over 500 million users and over 250 million tweets are produced daily. Like the other social networking sites, Twitter is used for introducing and marketing small and big businesses. With the amount of users that use their account each day, it can be a great tool for your business. To make tips clearer and relatable, let us use a travel company called Fly Airlines as an example:

Choose who you follow. Before you start following random people, you have to first identify those individuals who can help your business prosper. First and foremost, you have to follow your company’s potential clients. As a travel company, you have to look for those people who love to travel. You will usually see this information in their profile descriptions. Backpackers, travel writers and bloggers are just some of the people that you can follow. You can also follow potential business partners like airline agencies, hotels, transportation agencies and the like. It will also help if you follow the followers of your competitors. Who knows, they might find your rates and services better than what your competitors are offering. If your clients have Twitter accounts, follow them and ask for a follow back.


Do not be afraid to use your company’s logo on your profile picture and background. Instead of being ashamed of it, be loud and proud. It is your Twitter account after all and you are promoting your business. So make good use of it.


  • Twitter only allows 140 characters for each post which is really short. But since everyone these days are used to read and use the text format, it will not be a problem. Make your status as short and as clear as you can. It is difficult sometimes though. But once you get used to it, it will be very easy. As an example, if you have to mention a place like New York City, you can use NYC instead. This saves you a number of characters.


  • Sometimes, you cannot help but post a link from your website on your Twitter status. However, some links are really long, leaving you no chance of discussing what the link is all about. Fortunately, there are applications like Bitly that can be used to shorten links. Even the biggest names use it like Starbucks, RingCentral, iTunes and The Today Show.


  • Like Instagram, hashtags are utilized in Twitter. You can even start a trending topic on Twitter using your own hashtags. Hashtags help narrow down the topic of your post. Let us say you are giving away free airline tickets as part of your marketing scheme. Followers who are interested in joining should post about their dream destination and tag you in the tweet together with the hashtag #FreeTicketsFlyAir. This will make it easier for you to see who are participating and check how many people are really following you. The more people use the hashtag you created, the higher the number of clients you may gain.


Twitter is a fun and useful social networking site that not only helps you connect with friends and family, but helps improve and popularize your business as well. You can use this website to increase your clients and introduce your business to people who have yet to hear about it.