Fitness tech innovations 2018

In this post we get out our crystal balls, and take a look at what we expect to be the biggest fitness technology innovations of 2018. Read on as we examine the ways technology is set to transform the world of health and fitness. And check out for knee health tips, best knee pads for volleyball and how to prevent knee injuries while working out.

Wearable tech

If you take an interest in fitness tech, you will surely have heard of this term at some point in the last few years. With an industry market value approaching $6 billion, and products such as the Apple watch now a household name in many circles, it is clear that the wearables market is here to stay – and it looks set to become even more well-established in 2018. Things to look out for in particular are clothing brands like Under Armour expanding into the wearables space. Expect also for clunky wearables devices to evolve into a more integrated product and overall user experience – for example, heart rate monitors that are fully integrated into the user’s clothing.

Cloud-based equipment

Business everywhere is now embracing the access-anywhere-in-the-world possibilities that cloud tech brings with it. Expect fitness tech to follow in the same direction. One of the main things to look out for is the development of virtual trainer apps and programs used for purpose of coaching and instruction to be integrated into gym and at-home equipment, enabling a seamless workout experience for users wherever they are in the world.

Online coaching

In the same vein, online fitness coaching that is offered completely digitally, without any need to ever meet a trainer in person – that is another fitness tech development to look out for in 2018 and the years beyond. As a result of cloud computing, the need for in-person training and coaching is becoming a thing of the past. Gym goers will soon be able to pick up an online training course at their own convenience – rather than the convenience of the trainer. What this also means is that fitness training will become so much more accessible and affordable to consumers; online training is a lot cheaper than the physical, in-person variety.

All-in-one fitness and health software

Imagine this: gym equipment that is fully integrated with online training and coaching, programs workout guides and instructions, AND also comes with QR codes that enable the user to feed their metrics and workout details into the software via their smartphone, thus customizing the service provided by the software – this is yet another fitness tech idea that, whilst still currently in its infancy, is really expected to take off in the years ahead.

Video game fitness

Exergaming, or the practice of combining video games with exercise, is another development you can expect in the world of fitness tech in the years ahead. Exercise equipment will soon come equipped with games offering a fitness experience that is both productive and entertaining. Expect this one to really take off in 2018.

The digital realm is becoming ever more tightly interwoven with the physical one in all realms of life, and in no place is this more true than the world of health and fitness. So many fitness tech possibilities await in the years ahead – in this article we have explore only a handful of them.