Finest Technology Trends For the Year 2012


Over the last two years, we’ve witnessed the release of modern phones viz Smartphones and tablets into the market. Over that period, the finest technology trends were highlighted by advanced features like touch screens. Thanks to the iPad and the iPhone, Apple was able to take an upper hand over its competitors in the market. But this was only the precedence, because other companies are also keen to retain their market share and possibly even gain more. With technology trends in consideration, we can safely conclude that 2011 was certainly a period in which cloud-based programs plus their promises were realized.

So, what do we expect this year? The following are some of the finest technological trends to expect in the year 2012.

One, cloud computing will be more enhanced. With giant technology companies like Apple set to announce iCloud before the end of October, you can bet that there are a lot of expectations in cloud computing. With increasingly more technology agencies shifting from the customary practice of sharing resources, the result is that cloud services will be based at private stations that are certain to leave a mark in different business fronts let alone technology. Shifting everything to technology is an important decision because it allows them to transfer their data among different centers. Experts believe that in the coming few years, companies are certain to lease their programs instead of retaining those that they already have. What this means is that this application is going to remain a vital part of this industry.

Secondly, there’s the internet TV and its potential. Google initially tried to introduce the internet television into the market but while it was able to draw considerable levels of interest in the market, it unfortunately ended up being a flop. And while, honestly speaking, the TV reviews were not very genuine, the poor services coupled with low interest on the part of the public forced Google to tilt the deal slightly. Nonetheless, 2012 promises to be the high time for internet television. This can be attested by the fact that other leading manufacturers like Sony, Apple and Logitech are certainly in the game.

Thirdly, we might experience improved and cheaper tablets and Smartphones. With the introduction of increasingly more cheap and faster stylish gadgets into the market, 2012 promises to be the revolutionary year in this market segment. The presence of wonderful and cheaper devices is causing a lot of competition for market share in the industry. However, there is one thing that is for sure, tablets and Smartphones are destined to dictate the pace of technological advancements this year. The androids and iPhones have been dominating the market in recent times but competitors have certainly taken notice.  As a result, we are bound to witness cheaper devices that meet various demands of consumers. This is the ultimate destiny and this trend is certainly going to be one of the finest highlights of the year 2012 in terms of technology.

Fourthly, with increasingly more consumers choosing tablets and Smartphones such as the androids, iPhones and the iPads, 2012 is certainly ripe for better things like a hybrid of these devices. What this means is that there will be a PC, tablet smart phone and laptop midpoint that can serve various demands of users. This will certainly be one of the most sought-after technologies this year. Considering that the sales volumes of the PC has gone down over the last few years due to emergence of devices that can serve the same purpose in a more convenient manner, the trend remains that the user will demand a device that includes all those technological aspects that depict their day to day lives.

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