Features of Toll Free Number – The Most Important Features of these Numbers you need to Know

800You might be wondering why many business owners are now using toll free number systems and if you should also get one for your own company. The main reason behind the popularity of such telephone numbers is because of the fact that they come equipped with numerous features that can prove to be of great value to companies. So if you are still hesitant to get one for your business, make sure that you read this brief article on the many different features that these toll free or 800 phone numbers come with.

Call Routing Feature – Improves Efficiency, Resulting in Higher Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important features of the toll free or the 800 numbers is call routing. The call routing feature greatly improves call efficiency and handling which then results in higher customer satisfaction. It also provides huge help in the streamlining of the contact center management process. Through this particular feature, you will be able to enjoy the following:

  • Call routing based on a specific time or day
  • Weekend coverage so that there will be no need for keeping all of the locations open
  • Regionalized call handling support
  • Call recognition and routing so that you can avoid crank calls and instead, offer a more personalized service to your clients
  • Call distribution for call volume to be balanced and spread evenly among your employees

Auto Attendant and Announcement Feature – Greet and Instruct Customers Properly

The auto attendant feature of a toll free number is the “voice” that will be heard by your callers once the call has been connected and answered. This can serve as a friendly greeting to your clients, with emphasis on the name of your company. As it places utmost emphasis on your company name, it will be extremely helpful to your branding and marketing efforts. In addition to this, the auto attendant feature will also help you save a lot of money on no longer having to hire a real attendant who you have to pay a monthly salary.

This feature can also be combined with the announcement feature. The announcement feature will provide your callers with specific instructions on what to dial. For example, dialing 1 will direct the caller to the sales department, dialing 2 will direct him or her to the billing department, and dialing 3 will allow them to talk to a customer support agent. This is a very useful feature as it will prevent callers from calling the wrong department, thus; improving the efficiency of call handling and customer service.

Other Useful Features of Toll Free Phone Numbers

800 numbers from the leading telecoms company are packed full of value added service features that your business is sure to benefit from. Some of the most useful features of toll free phone numbers include the following:

  • Caller ID – This feature will display the phone number of the person calling your business. So if you need to give the consumer a call back, you can just check the caller ID feature for the information that you need.
  • Music on Hold – Music on hold, as long as its pleasant, will help a caller relax and pass time while being put on hold.
  • Vanity Number – Vanity numbers are a lot easier to remember than random digits, which is something that your branding and marketing efforts will definitely need.

Voicemail, call forwarding, call screening, call transfer, and call routing extension among many others are also features of these special phone numbers. All of these can provide great value to your business, so get your own toll free number now from one of the best telecoms companies out there, a great example of one being RingCentral.