Features of a Phone Service that Suits Your Business

This may be surprising to a lot of people, but the truth is most small business owners are still not thinking about getting an advanced phone service for their enterprises. For some enterprises, it is a matter of price. They do not believe that they can possibly afford a service with advanced technological trimmings. Others, however, believe it is a matter of perspective. They honestly cannot see themselves needing a complex phone system for the venture they are running. Either way, they are losing out on something that can make not only their business telephone but their organization in entirety infinitely better.

It is immaterial whether you are running your enterprise big or small you still need an advanced business phone system to run it. It will allow you to handle customer, client, and supplier inquiries more effectively. It makes your business more efficient and lends a respectable and dependable image to your company.

In order to satisfy your queries on what a phone service will bring to your enterprise, here is a list of the top features of a modern phone service:

1.    Choose your number
Today’s phone service gives you the power to choose your own number. It can be in or out of you area code. Moreover, you can keep trying combinations to score a vanity number like 1-800-RING.

2.    Ring on multiple phones
With a good and technological business phone system, you can ring everywhere you are with no limits on the amount of possible phone numbers. Further, it allows you to ring multiple phone numbers at the same time.

3.    Provide voicemail transcripts
With your traditional business telephone, you have to get pen and paper to record queries or transactions. By having an advanced phone service, there is no more need for a pen and paper. When a message is left, a voicemail transcript is created then emailed to your account. This allows you to can check voice mail simply by reading the transcript even when you are not around the office.

4.    Transfer a call
Transferring calls is not so amusing, right? However, what this new business phone system is offering is not an ordinary transfer of call from one landline to another, like an extension. The transfer goes like this: say you are in your car when you received a call in your mobile phone, with a push of a button, the call will be transferred from mobile to your landline so you can just keep talking with your client as if you are in your office.

5.    Generate website widgets
Modern phone service also allows you to create call widgets to add to your website and blog. These widgets can be set to ring all your phones connected with the system or you can leave a voice message with specific instructions.

These features are not in today’s business phone system to become a mere technological development. Rather, these features are developed to help small enterprises focus on other important things and making their phones work for them. Call a phone service provider now and experience how these features help you manage your enterprise.