Eight Pieces of kit Every Ghost Hunter Needs to Carry

Ghost hunting is an activity to establish a connection to spiritual creatures or detect their presence. Though scientific studies and evidence elaborate existence of ghosts is a mythical belief and hoax, many people claim to have seen or experienced their existence.

Some people also believe that ghosts have interference in their lives. Some even believe that paranormal creatures are spirits of their demised loved ones. It is why many people try to communicate with ghosts to understand their real motives.

However, seeking out ghosts and communicating with them is not simple or easy. The process requires sophisticated equipment, experience, and a refined skill set. 

Since technology has remained at the forefront of investigative activities, ghost hunting is also not an exception. Modern inventions play an even more rigorous role in the process of ghost hunting. Specialized gadgets enable investigators and hunters to search, capture, communicate, and crack the meaning of encounters.

Thus preparing a comprehensive equipment kit is essential in the paranormal investigation and examination.

The following sections discuss some of the essential pieces of the toolkit needed for paranormal observations.

Full-spectrum light

Full-spectrum light is crucial in illuminating the investigative surroundings while capturing and recording incidents. The light covers the entire spectral range, including infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light.

The equipment also has brightness adjustment capability to match the ambiance. Thus it enhances the detection capability of the camera while performing recording or capturing in the darkness. The light also enables investigators to distinguish between ordinary objects and suspicious reflections. 

In addition, ghost hunting lights usually have a wide operating angle. For instance, a full-spectrum light from SpiritShack comes with 0 to 120 degrees of luminance angle, enabling investigators toilluminate and scan the entire investigation location easily.

Nonetheless, the equipment offers greater uniformity, visibility, brightness, and blending when combined with full-spectrum cameras.

Full range camera

Photography and video recording are the most utilized features of any investigation activity. That’s why a camera is also an inseparable part of a ghost hunting kit. Precisely, full-range cameras can capture every reflective light falling within the spectrum. Thus investigators can detect a wide range of spectral reflectance that the human eye usually cannot see or notice.

Usually, ghost hunting cameras have inbuilt night vision capabilities. It means they enable investigators to record videos and capture surroundings irrespective of the darkness. Other features like wide recording angle, high resolution, storage capacity, date and time stamp, autofocus, inbuilt flash, inbuilt speaker, and audio recording can further augment investigative activity.

Thus a full-range camera is an integralpart of paranormal investigation activity.

Motion detectors

The primary purpose of a motion detector is to detect unusual motions in the surrounding. Motion detectors can sense an intrusion, movement, light changes, and even changes in the temperature. Investigators can suspect spiritual presence whenever the device detects temperature fluctuations outside the normal range. As such, temperature variations beyond known heat signatures can be an indication of an unknown ghostly presence.

As a result, the device alerts investigators via different modes, such as flashlight, sound, or both. 

Apart from the ghostly presence, motion detectors can also detect other unwanted intrusions using diverse operating ranges. As such, some motion detectors only recognize changes in the infrared range, while others can monitor the entire spectrum.

These improvements eventually facilitate the investigation process and improve outcomes, making motion detectors a necessary piece of kit to augment paranormal activity.

Electromagnetic field sensor

Electromagnetic detectors or sensors detect and sense electromagnetic energy or frequency. Investigators carry these devices to see invisible sources of electromagnetic energy. According to some beliefs, ghosts can interfere with the electromagnetic frequency of a location.

Others believe that their existence falls within the electromagnetic range. Whatever the case, electromagnetic detectors can identify such sources. As a result, the device’s meter reading fluctuates between low to high levels during a suspected encounter. 

In addition, advanced devices also notify unusual presence via beep sound, flashlight, changing colors of light-emitting diodes, and temperature changes. Thus whenever investigators experience an abnormal encounter, the device lights up, rings, and shows temperature changes.


A walkie-talkie is another essential gadget of the paranormal hunting toolkit. The device operates in the radio frequency range. That is why it is also called a two-way radio. Since radio frequency falls within the electromagnetic range and propagates at the speed of light, communication signal also travels faster while using a walkie-talkie.

Thus investigators use walkie-talkies to ensure robust connectivity between different paranormal experts present on the scene. 

Even though the device allows one-way communication at a time, its reliable, instant and uninterrupted communication makes it the desired choice during an investigation. It is why law enforcement and investigative operations utilize walkie-talkies to communicate even in a noisy and unstable environment.

Furthermore, their advanced versions also have inbuilt geographic positioning systems to facilitate location tracking. Thus it is must-have equipment for audacious endeavors like ghost hunting.

Thermal detectors

Thermal detectors are also a crucial part of the paranormal observation kit. These devices detect temperature changes of the area under observation. According to scientific studies, every object gives off thermal radiation, which is infrared in the spectral range, so paranormal entities may also fall within the invisible or the infrared spectrum. 

Some mythological theories explain that cold places without cooling sources can be an indication of a ghostly presence. It is why paranormal investigators use thermal detectors, such as thermal cameras, to locate ghostly presence.

A thermal camera captures infrared emissions and displays variations in the light spectrum. Such cameras also record and display temperature changes in degrees. Hence, the hotter the emission, the brighter the light, and the higher the degrees Celsius.

In the end, ghost hunters construct images using these detections and examine aghostly presence, which is otherwise invisible to the human eye.

Voice recorder

A voice recorder is also a vital gadget to capture and record ambient noise and verbal investigative information. Sophisticated recorders can detect and record background noises beyond human hearing capacity, such as ultra-low and ultra-high frequencies. Thus voice recorders serve as an essential source of record keeping.

Nowadays, voice recorders have several added features like windows adaptability, multiple users, USB connection, different recording formats, speed control, playback mode, automatic or voice-based activation, rechargeable batteries, and sequential file keeping.


In essence, ghost hunting is different than usual investigative activities. It is because the detecting range of human senses cannot perceive paranormal existence precisely and accurately.

That is why paranormal investigation requires several specialized gadgets to observe and compile a comprehensivereport. Furthermore, ensuring their coordinative operation is equally important to achieve refined outcomes.

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