Effective eCommerce Web Design That Brings You Sales

Good eCommerce website design is needed to convert website visitors into actual customers. As an eCommerce operator, your website should be designed in a way that makes the purchase process seamless and quick because no matter how much you spend on marketing and publicity, you will end up losing a lot of the customers you attract if your website is not optimised for sales.

If you are already in the ecommerce business, you will agree that running one is not easy. There are orders to fill, payments to confirm, sales to make, and products to send out. This is why it is vital you have a properly designed website so that you can direct all your energies on running your business. Thankfully, the latest in eCommerce website design trends make it easy to create sites that meet the requirements of the customers. In this article, we will be looking at some of the trends you should consider when creating an eCommerce sales optimised website.

What customers look for in an eCommerce website?

Customers are picky people. They can be very selective when it comes to the websites they use, and if they cannot get the experience they want, they will likely leave and move over to the closest competitor. It is therefore vital to the success of your business that you get everything right when building an eCommerce website. Here are some of the features that can attract and retain customers to your site.

  • Simple website design

Minimalist websites are the rave these days, not just because they load faster, but also because they are simple to navigate, and easy for everyone to understand. If you are considering building a website, you should consider using a minimalist approach. This means taking away any unnecessary elements and using plenty of white space to emphasis the important information on your website.

  • Speed

Website visitors don’t like waiting too long for a site to return the information they need. In fact, studies have shown that if your website takes more than a few seconds to load, you will likely experience a high bounce rate.

When it comes to competing in the eCommerce world, speed is everything. Do not clutter your website with heavy pages and elements that take time to load, and find a way to deliver the information your customers need quickly. There are several ways you can speed up your eCommerce website such as using a cache plugin, optimising media files for speed, or using a content delivery network to provide content to visitors far away. If you have a slow website and cannot tell the reason why you should consider getting an eCommerce professional web designers who will look inside your site to determine where the problem is.

  • Videos

It is no longer news that using videos on your site is a very effective way of engaging your visitors. Videos make it easy for visitors to remember the highlights of your website, and are easily sharable on social media, meaning that they can make your site popular.

There are several ways you can use videos on your website that will attract and retain the attention of your users. You can create and upload explainer videos, product how-tos, and even video descriptions of your products and services. Only make sure you pass the important messages early on in the video as viewers may likely not watch till the end.

  • Shipping Details

These days, eCommerce customers want to know how much it will cost to get goods delivered to their locations, and they want this information before they buy. It is, therefore, a good idea to include shipping information at a vantage point of your website, usually somewhere on the header.

You should take special care to include the popular shipping destinations and their prices so that customers can know what to expect before buying. Where possible, offer free shipping or delivery, this is one good way to attract and keep customers.

  • Ratings and Reviews

Do you know that ratings and reviews play a very important role in eCommerce operations? A larger percentage of consumers will not buy a product online until they have read what someone else has to say about the product. In fact, studies have discovered that more than 50% of consumers will first search the net for reviews about a product before buying, and in most cases, they will want to contact the reviewer directly to get more information about their experience with said product.

As an eCommerce operator, this is one area you should take advantage of. Encourage customers to drop reviews on your website and social media pages, so that prospective customers can see the advantage of using your products.

  • Multiple payment options

When you run an eCommerce site, it is not enough to have just one payment option at checkout. You stand the risk of having a high rate of cart abandonment when you offer customers a few payment options.

Apart from credit cards and PayPal, you should explore other payment options like Bitcoin, money order, and even payment on delivery. When you offer multiple payment options on your site, you will be able to attract a wide and varied customer set.

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