Ecobee3 vs Nest Thermostat – Who Leads The Race

These days, thermostats are becoming an essential part of large mass around the world. The temperature shift has made people change their living habits as well. Hence thermostat comes handy for adjusting the temperature in accordance with the temperature outside. A thermostat is used to automatically regulate the temperature when a temperature reaches a certain point. This device ensures that the desired temperature is maintained where it is installed in homes, offices, schools etc.

Understand The Working of Thermostats?

A thermostat keeps the temperature controlled for the place where it is installed, if the weather outside is cold, the thermostat will switch on its heating element which makes the room becomes comfortable for you.
But the question is what is the working procedure of this? Well, a thermostat uses the thermal expansion technique, which has a special resistor called a thermistor. These resistors are the primary electronic component that is meant to resist the flow of electricity; it assists it to slow the flow down. Slowing it down. The reason why these thermistors are important because their potential to resist is linked with the temperature, in a predictable manner it will if the room is hot, the more resistance will be created by the thermistor.
The current is carried by the thermostat through a thermistor, which measures the resistance. Using this, the resistor then calculates the temperature of the air in the room. This temperature is then compared with the preset temperatures for the heating and the air conditioner when they are switched on. If the temperature is too high, the thermostat sends a signal to the air conditioner to switch it on. As soon as the temperature falls below the threshold level, another signal is sent to switch it off.

Kombat Between Ecobee3 & Nest


Ecobee3 is a smart thermostat that regulates the heat in the room through the remote sensor technology. This Ecobee3 smart thermostat stabilizes heat inside the living room of your home or your workplace. The remote sensor technology senses the temperature of your entire house and rooms with most human activity, there are many companies whose thermostats can only equalize the temperature for just one room.
It automatically adjusts the temperature of your home based on the temperature outside, if the temperature outside is hot it will switch off its heating potential and if the temperature outside is cold it will provide the heating according to your comfort. Another amazing feature of Ecobee3 is its motion sensor, it can sense the activity in the room, which means it knows when you are in your room, and when you are away. When the room is empty or you are away it will automatically adjust the temperature saving energy and your money. It can lower the bill for up to 23%. Now this is an excellent feature, isn’t it?

With its WIFI connectivity settings, Ecobee3 allows you to control temperature settings anywhere according to your preference by using your laptop or computers, smartphones, even your Apple watch. Ecobee3 has integrability with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Samsung Smart Things, IFTTT, and Wink. It also allows you to view how much energy has been used by you, by providing a detailed report. This enables us to control our excessive energy use. Using the special power extender kit Ecobee3 has no need for a C-wire.
Ecobee3 can also be operated with Alexa voice control. It can work with conventional (2H/2C), heat pump (4H/2C), and gas, and oil, electric and dual fuel.

Its 3.5” beautiful touch display allows you to adjust the temperature from 45° to 92° and it can easily track humidity levels from 20% to 90% RH. Ecobee3 doesn’t rely on HVAC equipment to charge itself since it is hardwired. Ecobee3 comes with a 3 years warranty, so if you are unsatisfied with the product you can easily return it, which is a very unlikely scenario to happen.

Nest Thermostat

This eco-friendly product is a 3rd generation advance thermostat; it can adapt your daily routine of comfortable temperature and can adjust accordingly. Nest figures out your settings after a couple of weeks so that you don’t have to touch it again for settings. Like if you switch on a nest in the morning around 6 and close it before going to bed, after few days it will automatically open the thermostat in the morning and will close it before your bedtime even if you forget about it. Nest can easily detect the temperature since it uses AI and machine learning to detect patterns and automatically optimizes using a combination of the tracking sensor on the thermostat and geofencing for when your phone is no longer in your location.

Its Eco mode automatically adjusts the settings when it senses you are no longer present in the room. It’s another feature called the Airwave function ensures that your AC fan continues to run automatically for few minutes i.e. for 5 to 10 minutes, after the AC compressor has stopped running. This can help you save money because the coils still generate cold air after the compressor stops. This allows you to use free cool air that is already been generated so have a comfortable cool environment without the stress of having more bill at the end of the month. Nest automatically figures these settings for you, while in Eco bee you have to make these settings manually. So, it seems like we have got some advantage of using Nest 2018 thermostat over Ecobee3. Nest let you change your HVAC system filters. Without the worry of replacing the wires of the furnace side, Nest thermostat could be used without a C-wire, since nest has a built-in battery, this feature of Nest 2018 makes the installation of this device a lot easier for people; it is even easier for people who do not know much about device setups and stuff. The configuration is very simple.
To make the installation fun thing rather than a hectic task, Nest provides step-by-step instructions on the screen. It will tell you which cables or wires you have connected and whether all signals have been sounded correctly. It gives you a list of things to be done, like testing the cooling system. If things are not working properly, give steps to solve the problems, until everything is properly connected and Nest is in proper working order.

Ecobee3 vs Nest

  1. Design
    The Nest may weigh more than Ecobee3 but its stylish and sleek design is amazing. It is a work of art. It’s the smallest in volume; Nest is definitely a beautiful addition to your wall looks good on the wall. It comes in four colors.
    Ecobee3 has a good design too but in comparison to Nest, Nest is definitely having a better look. It does look good on the wall but seems old and tardy. It’s made of plastic and cannot compete in design with Nest’s finesse glass look.
  2. Resolution
    The resolution of Nest 2018 is also much sharper and better than that of Eco bee. This is by far the best screen which is available in the market.
  3. Battery
    Since there is no battery in Ecobee3, this means a C-wire is required for the provision of constant power. The power-extender kit is included as there is no C-wire. Whereas, in Nest 2018 there is no need for C-wire as it has its own built-in battery which makes the installation of the device easier and fun. Without the hassle of following long and complex instructions.
  4. Display and setting
    The display screen of Nest could be adjusted according to your needs and the screen will activate when it detects your presence with the Distance display. With previous Nest iterations, the screen only displayed the desired temperature; it did not display the current room temperature. For navigating the menus turn the knob then press the thermostat to click. There is no touchscreen.
  5. Installation
    Installing Ecobee3 is a bit difficult than Nest 2018.


Go for Nest if you are an android user since Nest do not work smoothly with Apple products, i.e. IOS operating system. If you do not have a C-wire available and you are not okay with Ecobee extended power kit. If you want an elegant device hanging on your living room’s wall. Also, if you want to have an easy set-up of the device than Nest 2018 is the answer. Go for Eco bee if you want more customizability, you are an apple product user. You have a C-wire and your thermostat is not located in the central position of your house.
So, choose what you have in your mind when you want a thermostat, if your requirements meet with Ecobee then go for it and if it meets with Nest 2018 then have it.

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