Easy way to process Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech

There are various transcription software, both speech to text and text to speech, for windows that have great performance. However, all these software may not guarantee the encryption, security, and delivery of quality transcripts.

EasySpeech2Text is probably the top free software for audio to text and text to audio conversion. It provides the easiest ways of speech or text conversion and assures that your data is encrypted and secure. It also supports top-notch quality voice to boost the efficiency of work. This software is also powered by Google and other superior STT/TTS technology, thus guaranteeing excellent quality results. This technology allows support of more than 100 languages during the mp3 to text or text to the mp3 process.

Moreover, this software requires no manual intervention for boosted productivity. You can also select your voice option from the four alternatives. Another significant feature of this program is the speech recognition ability that can recognize all types of text and read it aloud with a crystal clear, natural, and firm voice.

Easy steps of converting speech to text

After downloading and installing the EasySpeech2Text program in your PC. Adhere to the following steps below for the audio to text process of conversion.

 Step 1

Launch the program in your computer, and you should see the interface open. Add your flac file or audio.

Step 2

After adding your audio file, you may begin the process of conversion. By clicking the convert’ button, the process will spontaneously start, and the result displayed as text. You will find the final text in the ext’ interface window field area.

How to convert text to Mp3

Step 1

Launch the program then switch the interface to exttoMP3’. You should see a new interface that allows you to process text to audio.

Step 2

Copy your text and paste it for conversion.

Step 3

After pasting the content, proceed to click the lay’ icon to begin converting your text. Choose a voice option from the four alternatives. Listen to the output in a natural and clear sound.

Setting Advanced Setting

Besides the text to mp3 and Mp3 to text functionality, you could also set its advanced settings. For instance, you could set the speed, pitch, sound, and volume of the output using the EasySpeech2text. To get access to these features, and set your advanced settings, stick to the following steps.

-Open the software and click on your ettings’ icon

-From there, it is possible to control the voice speed, pitch, and volume of the output

Why you need a speech to text or text to speech conversion

  1. Save time

When you hire the professional help of virtual assistants to assist you from scratch, they are probably going to take time, thanks to the slow and tedious conversion process. When you have the Easyspeech2text or a good conversion program, you can complete your projects in a jiffy.

  1. Boosts productivity

With the help of this software, you can boost productivity in your workplace. You know already that conversion is slow and cumbersome, and when you take away this responsibility from your employees, the productivity will rise.

  1. Saves on cash

The funds that you would have utilized on labor are saved. Moreover, when utilizing the premium types, prices are cheaper and affordable when compared to hiring VAs. Furthermore, the output is accurate, and you won’t spend more cash or time redoing the project


-Quick process of conversion; unlike the manual conversion, the process of text to speech or audio to text extremely fast.

-Free updates; this software can detect and update to the latest version at zero cost

-Reliable and secure; all your data is encrypted and secure

– Free utility; using this software will not require you break the bank

-Excellent accuracy; the high-level of accuracy will save you money and time

-Natural voice; you can read the documents or texts using a natural voice thanks to the superior ASR-TTS technology.

How to use Google doc to dictate and edit text

When you have a YouTube account or Gmail address, you can access the Google Docs. Google docs enable accurate audio to text transcription. It allows you to utilize voice typing for dictating using the PC’s microphone.

Steps for Google Docs speech-to-text functionality

-Switch on the microphone in your computer

-Utilize voice typing by clicking on ools’ then oice typing’ and finally icrophone

-After Voice typing, you could utilize commands to format and edit the text.

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