Easy Video Marketing Tips with CNG’s Senior Videographer: Kodyak Tisch

For many years now, video content has been making significant progress in the field of digital marketing. Videos have become powerful advertising tools for businesses to promote their wares and services in the most engaging way.

From your short snapshot stories to full-length professional webinars, video marketing comes in all shapes, forms, sizes, and formats. About 90% of users say that seeing a video of a product tremendously helps them decide whether or not to invest their time and money into it.

If your business is looking to engage in an effective video marketing campaign, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some video marketing tips to help you get started.

7 Easy Video Marketing Tips

1. High Quality

If you’re making a video to promote your business, make sure it’s high quality. You want your videos to look professional–after all, you do mean business. At the very least, have basic video equipment (like a tripod) for shooting your videos.


VSEO or Video SEO is simply optimizing your video content so it can be indexed and ranked by search engines for relevant keywords. Make sure to employ optimization strategies to get your video content out there. However, ensure that you don’t lose focus and get caught up in the details of optimization.

3. Edutainment

To be a good marketer, you have to be a good teacher. For businesses, edutainment basically means engaging and educating your target customers. Make video content that aims to entertain, inform, and answer questions. Like with all web content, your videos should be useful to your target audience.

4. Tell a Story

There’s a ton of sales clutter that’s already shoved in the faces of customers, so don’t allow your brand to add to that clutter. Make a video that centers around a story instead of a sale in order to engage your target audience in a personal way.

Keep in mind that the same rules for content writing are applicable to video marketing. Aim to provide value for your target customers with the content you put out there.

5. Scripting

Scripting is one of the most important elements of video production. To ensure quality storytelling, it’s vital that you follow this step. Though there is a certain charm to spontaneous unscripted videos, you’re better off scripting your videos before shooting. Improvisational skills are not something you can just develop off the cuff.

6. Royalty and Copyright Free Music

There’s a reason why music is so important during any movie’s climactic scenes. Music is powerful and it sets the audience’s expectations. The right choice of music can make your videos more compelling and is likely to elicit an emotional response from your audience.

However, you can’t use just any music, as copyright law doesn’t allow for that. Fortunately, there are services like AudioJungle and Epidemic Sound that offer royalty-free music and audio tracks for an affordable price.

7. Call to Action

One of the final and most important steps to include in any video production is the CTA or Call to Action. The CTA is the action that you want your audience to perform after watching your video. You want your audience to visit your site, subscribe to your channel, download your ebook, and many other things. The combination of excellent video production and creative CTA will inform your viewers what to do next.

Video Marketing Done Right

Video marketing should be part of any business’ marketing campaign. With these quick tips, you’re on your way to creating compelling and effective video content. However, if these suggestions seems overwhelming to you or you’d like to go the extra mile, you could opt to work with a marketing agency to strategize, create, and implement your own video marketing campaign.

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