Easy Shortcut Android Software

Smartphone-And-AppsEasy shortcut is a powerful application that supports through your phone without digging via the lists. Like so many other Android phone customers, there may be many apps in your phone, while you use some apps more often than others. It will use your valuable time and power to look for them in your list for every time. So, how to create it simple to access one app that you use most often? Easy android shortcut will support you figure it out. It supports you manage and create shortcuts on house display, making it simple and quick to access the app you like.

  • Shortcuts for calls:

Shortcuts for calls you may have many phone contacts in your phone list, while there are some people you call more often than others, such as, your top friend, your family contacts, etc. it turns you that accessing your contact list to find the one you wish to contact every time is tiresome. Easy shortcut supports you make direct message/calls shortcuts on your house display.

  • Shortcuts for all activities and applications:

Shortcuts for all activities and applications you can add shortcuts for all activities and apps. What you should do is accessing the simple shortcuts; selecting any app you like to make a shortcut for the app.  Do you understand what is more amazing? The amazing function of it is that you can edit those apps icons and names. You can title them whatever you like and choice any icon from SD card file or crop icon.

  • Site shorts:

Site shorts are you are follower browsing the internet? You can use best to save the sites you often use a PC, rejecting the issue to find them every occasion. But how to save the sites you habitually use when you browsing the Android phone internet. I think simple shortcut is amazing way to answer this issue. By using this Android application, you can make site links on your house display. Every occasion you wish to browse these sites, you do not have to input the website addresses. It is very suitable for those who utilize their Android gadget to surf.

Norm shortcut is an app for senior clients. The client can edit any app they love, but this requires expert skill.

Easy Shortcut and similar useful Android software may be created for business purposes by Android application development companies. The software is developed from the idea to the ready application in Play Market.