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I was very worried about having my files lost and not getting the proper backup of my deleted files! Then someone suggested me about using EaseUS product!  Then you would be thinking around that what this EaseUS product is all about! Well scroll down and get to know about this amazing product and so as its features too.

Introduction to EaseUS Product:

EaseUS has been all involved in producing over with the strong lineup of data utilities that is powerful enough to meet up with the needs and wants of the IT professionals. You would be finding it much simple and easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. It is available as in view with the categories of both Windows and Mac. EaseUS free data recovery software will let you give the best of the helping hand where it would be enabling to recover with both accidentally deleted files and files erased by programs. Non-mounting is also one of its major features to talk about. It would often carry out the feature access of the raw or corrupted partitions. It has the ability where it would be able to recover the entire data from internal and external hard drives, and so as the USB devices, memory cards, iOS devices, and music players.

Interesting Facts About EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

  • This product has been all the more involved to work with both windows and so as the MAC users too.
  • By using it, you will be able to all the more browse through the deleted files by the path right into the Windows Explorer.
  • You can keep the backup record of the scan and can reopen it in future as well. You can recover all of your deleted files at a later time.
  • Moreover, the interesting part is that all the deleted files that are discovered by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be sorted by the range of the name, date, and file type.
  • You would also be able to get closer to the tool of the search. By using the search tool it would let you scan and find the file by its name or extension too.

List of Important Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

This product did help me a lot when it was about the hard drive recovery of the lost data from different setup platforms. It is fast in terms of the accessing and hence much added with easy data recovery process. You just have to make the click on the lost data drive and then click the scan button. The files with the recovered.  They are hence equipped in giving away the support to so many of the storage devices too. They can recover the lost files from the SSD drives, Memory/SD cards, USB drives, digital cameras, Zip drive, floppy disk and different other storage drives. It has been carried out with the involvement of the flexible data recovery process. You can pause and resume the data recovery process according to your choice.  It can recover almost all types of the files. Some of the common file types are txt, .doc, .docs, .xlsx, .xltm and archive files, or the email documents.

What Users Love About EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

  • It is free from all sorts of the confusion. It does not add on with any sort of the intricate processing.
  • It can preview files before starting the recovery.
  • It can often show you the ability as to undelete so many files at the same time.

Cons of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

Just around 500 MB of data can be recovered for free by using this software.

As you will get to open EaseUS Data Recovery, it would merely be taking just one click to start off with the data recovery processing. This program is not at all a waste of time at any stage of the processing. It would instantly be start off with the scanning of your drive and save your important data. EaseUS will be delivering out with the positive results at the end of the day. It has been added to the amazing features for your business setup. It would ensure that your inadvertently lost data is never permanently erased.

EaseUS Data Recovery is for sure one such kind of the tool which you do need always to run data recovery for your business. Its amazing new added feature is related to the remote network access. By using this tool you can act quickly to locate missing files. The files can be scanned and recovered straight away from the remote location as allowing for an easy recovery for both you and your employees.

To get your deleted and lost files back again, start using this software right now!

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