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In a dynamic world, people are packed with several tasks and projects that do no keep a track of old folders and at one point of time, tend to lose it. So where does that folder disappear when your boss asks you for it? Well, it might be possible that you deleted it to keep your data clean. But, how will you manage your boss? No worries, we have got you the review for a software that resolves the problem and maintains the trust worthy relationship between you and your boss.

Why you should choose EaseUS?

EaseUS is one of the ideal data recovery software for small organizations that can be adapted by any user. As, it is streamlined into basic and simple functions. The design is structured in a way that saves your time and skips unnecessary steps that could otherwise create complexities for the user. It makes data recovery as simple while delivering the effective results.

Price Packages:

EaseUS offers two different packages; Professional and Technician. The Professional package is streamlined to be easy and simple that may suit your requirements of loss data. However, it comes with a single-user license that could be used for one computer. The package costs $89.95.

The technician plan comprises of a complete data recovery solution that is especially designed for IT professionals and service providers. Each license costs $299 but can be used on unlimited computers.


This software is designed for any user- ranging from IT experts to local mangers. The streamlined process gives you an access to retrieve the lost data. The software is only a solution in the case of your computer crashing that eventually results in an error of recovering you file.

How it works?

You might be first keen in knowing how does the software work and operates? Spending a massive amount on a software that does not give you the useful benefit is awful.

There are two types of flexible scanning modes; one that searches the deleted files by using the algorithm for quick result and other by scanning the storage device.

For example, your important file disappeared due to any computer error or you and after a few months your boss suddenly awakens from his peaceful sleep and asks you to present that document. Yes, now you must be worried how to get that deleted file! Never mind, EaseUS got you a solution to every hardware driver problem.

All you need to follow are these easy steps. First when you get an access to the software, the screen with a splash appears. Select the hard disk that you have deleted and scan it. This will show you all the files that were deleted. Now you can just filter your important file, select the file that you want to recover and then click the recover button.


Additionally, EaseUS not only recovers the data from laptop but also from your USB or any other device. So, it’s just one-off payment and access to a great solution of lost data and folders.

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