Tmart E14 3.3W White Crystal Candle Bulb Review

LED_light_bulbWe are fast running out of our energy resources and thus it is high time that you become a little energy conscious. Become a part of a revolution that is taking place in the electronics market where the light is focused on eco-friendly products. Here is one such amazing product— 3.3W AC85-265V LED Light Crystal Candle Lamp Bulb which utilizes three pieces of high power LED and is much brighter than the bulbs used by you. More light, less energy consumption and electricity bill going easy on your pocket. This bulb gives out a soft light which is bright yet does not harm your eyes while using it.

For each and every wise customer here we have not just one or two but six reasons to exchange their age-old bulbs for our LED light bulb.

  • The LED light bulb is ultra energy efficient and thus is a perfect replacement for your standard lamp
  • It has an extraordinary low level of power consumption
  • As said before it is brighter than the normal bulb
  • It is completely safe as it does not have any mercury, UV, infrared or any other harmful radiation
  • It is a widely popular product which now can be found in houses, offices and shops
  • You can put it up within minutes without any hassle

A new 3 LED light bulb shines with its warm white light at the brightness of 160 LM and has an input power of AC 85-265V and output of 3.3W while working at the frequency of 50/60 Hz for 50,000 hours. The lampshade material is aluminium or glass. The base type is E14 while its Ra is >95. The dimension of the LED light bulb is 3.94”x 1.50” (LxDia).

It is not only pocket friendly but very responsible and wise for one to chose a product which is eco-friendly nowadays. So now it’s your time to be wise.