Dos and Don’ts in Facebook Marketing

According to data gathered in September 2012, This explains why the social networking site is not only a favorite place for people to hang out and connect with friends online; Facebook is now a magnet to online marketers who want to tap into the influence of the social network to reach out and connect with their markets. Unfortunately, having a Facebook fan page is not a guarantee that you will increase your sales or bring more people to visit your website. You need to use Facebook effectively and strategically to see positive marketing results. Here are some of the things that you should and should not do to maximize your business’ presence on the social networking site.

Do Post Your Important Contact Information in the About Section

Make sure that you update your basic information to include your contact information, which includes your email address, contact numbers, website and VoIP phone service number. Why are the contact details important? Some of your clients may not feel comfortable using Facebook’s messaging or commenting system to make inquiries or send feedback about your products so you might as well post your contact information so they can call you or send you business-related messages. Including your website’s URL in your profile information can also help increase its traffic, particularly if your business website is still relatively new.

Don’t Use Irrelevant or Blurred Images as Your Profile or Cover Photo

Your choice of profile picture and cover photo can say a lot about your standards as a brand. It is therefore important that you carefully choose an image that can best represent your company’s ideals for quality. If you want to project your company as a business with strict and high standards, avoid using irrelevant or grainy images as your profile picture or cover photo. Using such photographs in your Facebook page can negatively impact your image as a brand. Many business fan pages use their company’s logo as profile picture to establish branding on Facebook. You may also use photos of your models and distinguishable products. You should be aware that Facebook crops rectangular photos so try to resize your company’s logo into a square before you use it as your profile image.

Do have Interesting Posts on Your Facebook Page

Most businesses use Facebook as a marketing tool to promote their products and services but you may bore and drive followers away if you constantly bombard them with promos, discount announcements and product information. Give your fans more reason to check your page and keep subscribing to your feeds. Keep your followers engaged by posting interesting content that can grab your followers’ attention. Make sure that you share status messages that are relevant to the interest of your fans. If your business specializes in toys and clothing for babies, why not post informative updates that can interest your target market — parents. You may share short posts about toy safety and parenting tips as well.

Don’t Ignore Comments on Your Page

In case you haven’t noticed, more and more consumers are using Facebook to contact business owners. They leave questions, order things and even rant in the form of comments on the fan page. Try not to ignore comments that you receive on Facebook. Consider your Facebook fan page as your social network customer service hotline. Ignoring your customers’ comments on Facebook won’t help boost your brand’s credibility so try to accommodate your fans’ concerns by answering their queries and even doing something about their negative feedback and complaints.