Do You Really Need To Buy Another iPhone?

Every year, a new iPhone is unveiled. Sometimes, there are two! Within six months, your new, expensive purchase could be completely outdated. Is there really any point in buying yet another iPhone? What possible advantages could these new versions have over the old ones? Are people even bothered about buying iPhones anymore? Well, yes they are, and there are good reasons why. Let’s go through some of them now.


The iPhone adds new features with every incarnation, and most of them have been well-received. Apple has been very careful not to mess with the features that made the device so popular in the first place. Instead, they have made small additions and alterations to keep customers interested and willing to buy the next version.


iPhones have retained their value over time, placing themselves as one of the most expensive products on the market. Luckily for customers, they can also be purchased at a reasonable rate when bought as part of a contract. We all like to have the most expensive and luxurious items on the market if we can afford them, and that’s what the iPhone represents. Apple is keen to get more people on board, even in ways you wouldn’t envision. For example, the apple stock split in 2014 allowed more people to invest stock in the company. By gaining more interest in the company this way, they may gain more sales as a result.



Apple’s reputation is stunning, and they continue to be one of the biggest companies in the world. In many customers eyes, they can do no wrong at this point. This is a fantastic situation for Apple to be in. Customers want to be seen among their peers as owning the best of the best technology, and Apple represents that. iPhones scream class and elegance. There’s a good reason why you’ll find that many business owners have them, as they want to impress their clients.


Over the years, Apple has developed an incredibly loyal following. They were one of the pioneers of smartphones, tablets and MP3 players, and people have stuck with them ever since. Having worked in a phone store myself, I have seen this loyalty first hand. Many people who have owned iPhones in the past have no interest in jumping ship. By creating a quality product in the first place, Apple has retained a vast majority of their customers. It is no coincidence that there are so many iPhone and iPad owners out there.



Apple is very clever in the way they present their products. All of their devices can be linked together with various features, from iPads to iPhones. Everything works seamlessly, making it a chore if one of your devices is made by a different brand. It’s simply much easier to buy the latest Apple products for that easy transition. Also, brand-specific features like FaceTime can only be used between different Apple devices. This sort of thing clinches the deal for many people.

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