Do You Need WIFI for your Business – Kapil Edke

Kapil EdkeWith the all-consuming integration of wireless internet into all corners of the world, it only seems natural that small businesses would also go that route. Over the past few years, it has become common place for coffee shops and cafes to offer free wireless internet to customers, and now there are even more businesses jumping on the trend. Now, it is not uncommon to find that your local dentist office has wireless internet connection, and maybe even your favorite restaurant and bar.


There are even some cities that are offering free wireless internet on some downtown street corners and other areas. Indeed, one day in the probably not too distant future, there will probably be free, wireless internet available anywhere and at any time. Of course, it will not be entirely free, as someone will need to always foot the bill, but it could become part of state income tax or something else, and essentially be socialized wireless internet (in the best sense of the word.) But, when it comes to a small business, the business owners must make a decision on whether or not the higher costs of offering free wireless internet will be worth it in the long run. Will it draw more customers to the business? Will the wireless internet pay for itself in increased revenue? Or, is it just worth it to make the customer happy and increase the chance of repeat business from them?


These are all important questions that a small business owner should consider when deciding whether or not to go the wireless internet route for their business.


The competition

It is a good idea to see what your competitors are up to in regards to their wireless internet coverage and availability to customers. If the competitor is offering wireless internet, then you may want to offer it also just to stay competitive. But, if the competitor is not offering free wireless internet, then this gives you a great chance to set your business apart and make some new customers by drawing them away from the competitor business. So, pretty much either way, a business should get wireless internet- but, that is only if you value competitive advantage in the local marketplace. If you already feel comfortable with where you are at, then you may want to skip the wireless internet option. Many businesses do just that, in fact.


Customer satisfaction

Customers love it when they get added bonuses and free things. It makes them appreciate a business much more than otherwise, and because of this a business that offers free wireless internet is pretty likely to attract more repeat customers (especially ones that live in the area) and will also likely get more word-of-mouth business in the process.


Makin’ bank

With all the factors above, the business will likely make more money. Also, for the log-in page of the wireless connection, you can sell ads or even just advertise your business more- and therefore, get more money at the same time.


Kapil Edke has been fixing tech issues since 2001. If he sees the IP address one more time he’ll probably go crazy.