Different Applications of 3D Printing

3D printing is also called additive manufacturing. It is the process of making an object in three dimensions from a digital file. The development of a 3D printed objects is achieved through utilization of the addictive processes. In the 3D process, the objects are created by laying down many layers until the objects are finally created. Each other successive layers, people can see it as a thin sliced cross of the final object. 3D printing enables you to produce many complex objects using less material than the traditional way of manufacturing. 3D Printing is used in the following areas:

Rapid Prototyping

Manufacturers have constantly used 3D printers during the design process to create different prototypes. Using 3D printers in the creation of the prototypes is called rapid prototyping. Using 3D printers in rapid prototyping is very cheap and fast. For example, Nikes usually make use of various 3D printers in creating prototypes in running cleats. The cost of producing prototypes is now very cheap because the changes are made using the computers and reprinted within one day visit this link dibbsto.co.uk for more details.

Rapid manufacturing

Besides using 3D printing in rapid prototyping, manufacturers also use in rapid manufacturing. Rapid manufacturing is the innovation in the manufacturing industry whereby various companies make use of 3D printers for small batch or short running custom manufacturing. In this case, it is not the creating of the prototypes but rather the end-user products.


The manufacturers, restorers, and repairers of the cars have been utilizing 3D printers for a long time. Large scale producers of the cars are the dominant people using 3D printers because of it swift and cheap. Also, motor engineers are using 3D printing in many parts of the world to restore old cars. The typical was when an Australian engineer printed out many areas of the car to restore deluge Type C back; you can check it out here the application of 3D printing in automotive. They make use of the parts that were out of the production for a long time and reprints it out.


The airline industry lately uses 3D printing in various forms. For example, Boeing has in the fore front of the exploration of the printed parts of the airplanes for a long time. In 2015, designers had more than 20 000 3D printed parts that were ready for the implementation of the airplanes. 3D printers are also making the work of the artists very easy because they do not have to rethink the basics of the aircraft. This aspect will assist the aviation companies to manufacture the light weight planes and aircraft with the best aerodynamics.

3D is making work very easy in many areas such as aerospace, construction, architectures, product design, furniture, lighting, products/accessories, medical, food, dental, fashion and much more. It is effortless to use 3D models because if you do not have the skills to design your own, you can still use the niche models. There are many 3D marketplaces like CGT Trader and Pinshape whereby they have various 3D model files where you can purchase as small charge and download it.