Did You Know About The New Free WiFi Hotspot Scam?

Now before I start telling you about this scam, I have to say this is quite a clever scam because it takes advantage of those people out there that are careless with their internet security. Imagine when you are out and about, and you need a WiFi connection. You discover that amazingly there is a WiFi hotspot that is allowing you to connect without a password and surf the net. How clever these people must feel that they have found someone that does not know they have no password on their router!

99.9% of the time, the person has set up this hotspot connection has done so because he/she knows there are plenty of people out there that think like this.

Now, if you are connecting to any old unknown WiFi hotspot, which I mean any hotspot that is not your home router or a trusted work network, then you should be wary despite using a passcode. But, when you are connecting to a WiFi hotspot that gives you totally free internet with no questions asked, this should raise even more alarm bells if you are not using these types of networks without software like vpn dienst.

Who Are These Free WiFi Hotspot Providers?

A very small percentage of these people are innocents that for some reason have not set up a password. They probably just don’t know, or it is probably just easier for them to allow their customers to just connect. They themselves are actually leaving their network vulnerable to cyber attackers – although that is another story altogether and you will get the gist of why not protecting your WiFi router is dangerous just reading about these free WiFi hotspots popping up in cities such as Paris, London, and other places.

The real cybercriminals out there are setting up a WiFi router on their laptop in crowded areas they know people will look for free WiFi. Those people will discover the new WiFi network and are likely to tell their friends too. Everyone thinks this is so cool because they have free internet.

In fact, the person doing this is looking at every connection being made using software to pull data packets from those connections. If you go online and buy something, log on to a website with your address and credit details, or even log on to your email, the hacker now has a chance to decipher the data captured and use it to defraud you of your money.

Some even figure out your card details and exactly when you are going on holiday. They can then order goods using your account, delete the email that tells you that you have made the order, then simply have someone wait at your home for the postman to collect the goods. When you come home or when your card stops working while you are on holiday, you discover you have been a victim of fraud and probably didn’t even we realize it was all because of that free WiFi hotspot you found!

To protect yourself – look at this website welcher VPN anbieter and fight back at these hackers. If you do find a free WiFi, you can log onto your VPN software, and use the hacker’s internet with no risk of him or her capturing your data.

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