Details on 70-480 & 70-481 to Boost Your Development Skills

Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) and Microsoft learning are once again working together to provide another thrilling and stimulating learning opportunity. This startup is basically created for application inventors who are looking for a fast and advanced technology to create numerous applications for latest Windows 8 podium. If you are not getting the answers to your questions like what is Windows 8 for? Or why developer’s communities and learners are reacting weirdly to this new version of windows 8? , then you can get your answers from this start up.

We are stimulated of introducing Michael Palermo and Jeremy Foster to you. These both are seasoned Microsoft Official Evangelists which have expertise in developing applications through multiple platforms and language. This exciting jump start will be leveraged by Jeremy and Michael with a virtual classroom access to expert led, captivating and demo-rich squad education. Registration is completely free and you can easily register here anytime.

Details of Prep for 70-480 & 70-481

This is all about 70-480 & 70-481 which is an enticing and a lucrative learning opportunity for the window 8 developers. Classes will be started from the 10th of November 2012 and timings will be 9:00am to 4:00pm PST. Classes will be held for two days per week and the timings will be same for both days. You can learn live in an online cybernetic classroom. There is no registration for this and you can experience a well-managed environment with well trained and expert application developers.

Our basic targets

We have two basic goals which involve;

  • Target those application developers who are desperately searching for a perfect channel to get a faster speed plotting to CSS3, HTML5, Javascript and alterations in different styles of these IT languages.
  • We’ll teach advanced tactics to application developers and will make it possible for them to understand these technical languages and expertise and create rich applications specifically for a touch-enabled platform or podium. This demo-rich teaching will be also linked to those applications which help in accessing remote and local data services.

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You can learn why apps are developed for windows 8, why it is so important and what will be its advantages. You may know more about this free MS Jump Start for Developers through #MSLearning.

What is meant by a “Jump Start” course and why it is so important?

Trainings are specifically planned for technologists and app developers whose job demands that they should be well known about best leveraging tactics, and how to reveal Microsoft technologies. These courses also demand a certain level of knowledge about domains, servers and also some particular expertise.

This is why these courses require a short time spread and these courses efficiently map the skills and expertise of web developers according to the real-world state and demands of their jobs and development companies. These courses must be joined for improvement in development skills and to learn the advancements in technology.

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