Creative Ways Blu-Ray Can Help You Turn The Party Up

A great home theater is not just for throwing a kickass Super Bowl party, it can also be used to help make any soiree memorable. Now that Blu-ray players have become affordable, more consumers are turning to these devices to make the most out of their HDTVs and sound systems. Blu-ray offers the highest picture quality available, and BD-R media can store up to 50 GB of data to suit even your most demanding party projects.

Movie-Themed Parties

While Blu-ray players are obviously a good choice for movie-themed parties – especially since they can “upconvert” DVDs to higher resolutions – they can also be used to entertain guests in more creative ways. All of the latest players offer a level of connectivity unheard of in previous home theater devices, which means that you can access the Internet or connect a laptop, memory stick or other multimedia device to your player to display nearly anything you desire.

Music Visualizer

One way to really spice up a party playlist, for example, is to add a music visualizer to display a number of trippy effects that sync with each song. iTunes users are probably familiar with its built-in visualizer, though many other media players such as Winamp do the same thing. For years, however, music lovers have needed to connect their computers directly to their televisions to enable large screen viewing, but now that the latest HDTVs and Blu-ray players come with built-in web applications, they will soon be able to do this without peripherals.

Photo Slideshow

Another way to enhance a party is to create a slideshow containing your favorite photos. These are especially great for weddings and family reunions because they help guests relive cherished memories. Many inexpensive photo editing programs, such as Wedding Slideshow Studio, now support BD-R media, enabling users to create slideshows that take advantage of full-HD resolution. Moreover, you can now rent or buy a Blu-ray projector to display crisp, vivid images on a large scale.

Streaming Video

The party doesn’t stop at slideshows, however, because Blu-ray is also a powerful format for streaming video. All of the latest Blu-ray players come with apps for streaming services such You Tube, Netflix and Vudu, allowing users to view and save video clips to a player’s built-in hard drive with ease. Better yet, BD-R media has the storage capacity for users to create their own impressive video presentations.

Edit Videos For Personalized Streaming

One program especially popular with Blu-ray users is Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio, which provides a number of powerful video editing tools for a low cost. Say, for instance, that you have recorded a bunch of live rock shows that you would like to turn into a party compilation. With Vegas, you can remove unwanted background noise, reduce camera shakiness and can even add captions to amuse your guests. Those who really want to impress can add 3D effects to their creations that work with any pair of red/blue glasses.

These are only some of the ways you can use Blu-ray to make your party a hit, since BD-R media is great for storing both music and video applications. Whether you are throwing a child’s birthday party or want to host a New Year’s celebration that will be talked about for years, Blu-ray has what you need to help make it happen.


Brandi Tolleson writes prolifically on technology topics from her current home of Whittier, CA.