Creative Apps for the iPad

Amongst the many things that you can do on an iPad, getting creative is one of the easiest. There are a variety of apps available which allow even the average doodler to make something quite dynamic and creative. But with the range of iPads available – from the newer ipad 2 to the recent iPad mini, which is best for unleashing your creative potential? Both have sufficient space for drawing but if you are looking to use it for work or bigger projects, the iPad 2 would give a wider surface area to work with. Now onto the apps available:

Sketch Book Pro is a fantastic art app which contains a large brush library, giving a wide selection of strokes and artistic capabilities. Although the app can be a little complex, there is plenty of in-app help. Sketch Book Ink is a more recent release from the same creators as Sketch Book Pro, this app is a little more simplistic but has a high resolution – giving quality output.

Art Rage, which is much like its PC and Mac versions, has an array of options from brush sizes to canvas colours. This app helps to give a much more realistic finish, with smearing and watercolour options available. If you think yourself to be a bit of a Picasso, this may be the perfect app for you.

Paper by Fiftythree, is a simple interface which allows you to make quick sketches without all the complexities of the other apps. It is designed exclusively for landscape design, so it does have its limitations but if you are looking to provide quick concepts – this is the app for you.

There are plenty more art work apps out there but best to get the one that suits your needs best. Don’t overcomplicate things by buying a complex app if you don’t need it. Once you’ve become an iPad artist – there are even places to share and receive feedback about your artwork, such as morpholio.