Create your Online Store on Facebook and Sell More

Modernization, advancement and steady development are the key for the success of various businesses today. The internet and its various applications are the driving force behind this progress. Today’s generation is hooked to the internet and they believe in performing various jobs, which are tiring & time consuming, with ease in the comfort of their homes.

With the net-savvy urban customer, various sellers are also making their importance felt on the internet. As a result marketing through different digital channels such as email, social networking sites etc. has become important. Sellers sell their products through Social E-commerce which is a combination of E-commerce and social networking sites like Facebook.


Why Should You Create an Online Store?

By creating an eCommerce Store, any seller can maximize his sales by reaching out to a huge clientele. Today the urban generation believes in shopping online from the comfort of their homes and offices. They are not interested in wasting time in standing in long queues or getting stuck in traffic jams to reach their shopping destination.

Online Stores are user-friendly stores which can be accessed through mobile phones too. While creating these stores they are programmed to send welcome letters to new clients, sending discounted offers by email, sharing news and offers on social networking sites etc.

Why Should You Create an Online Store on a Social Networking Site?

The most important reason for creating an online store on a networking site is the fact that various search engines are making social media optimization a benchmark to rank pages in their search engine results. That is, a webpage which is most ‘Liked’ or is most popular gets the top rank on the search engine’s search results.

Why Should You Create an Online Store on Facebook?

Creating an online store on Facebook has an array of advantages. We list below some of the other advantages:

  • Facebook is the most popular social networking site with about 600 million members.
  • Visitors spend more time on Facebook than they do on Google.
  • Almost half the members of Facebook shop online using the networking site.
  • Facebook online stores have contributed substantially to a number of businesses.
  • The transactions using Facebook Online Store are on an all-time high. The numbers are increasing with each passing month.
  • The products are well described and supported by multiple images to enable the client get a better idea of the product. These images have zooming options too.
  • Facebook Online Stores use payment gateways which are secure and easy to use.
  • Facebook provides analytical dashboards to review how many members visited your Store and what impact did the discounts offered have on your sales.

How to Create an Online Store on Facebook?

Creating an Online Store on Facebook is easy. We list below the widely accepted E-commerce applications for Facebook:

  • An application may be downloaded which enables the seller to transact within his existing Facebook account.
  • The second option is to create a catalogue application which organizes the products of the seller but ultimately directs the buyer to the prevalent online store of the seller.
  • The next option is about creating an all-inclusive E-commerce platform which includes extensions for including Facebook commerce.
  • Last option is creation of a personalized environment for utilizing the Facebook commerce.

What to Know Before Creating an Online Store on Facebook?

There are a few simple queries that may arise in the mind of a seller in regard to Online Stores on Facebook. We discuss a few of these below:

  • Whom to approach for building an Online Store on Facebook? There are a number of E-commerce vendors willing to extend help. The seller can contact any of them.
  • How to customize the overall look of the Online Store? If the seller already has a website then the Online Store should have the same designs, logos etc. In case of absence of a website there are a number of designs and templates available. The seller may choose any among them.
  • How to handle Customer Services? Using a Customer Relationship Management Tool or CRM is the best option.
  • Is Customer Review Box Mandatory? This is not mandatory but it is advisable to have one.
  • How to Promote the Online Store? The seller can promote the store by spreading the word both offline and online.  Placement of  links of the store’s web-address on the company’s prevalent website and in email newsletters would be a good way of promoting.

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