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imagesMany gadgets that over the past month have seen introduction in the various markets are unique. These gadgets enabled people to perform various functions. Some of the gadgets unveiled were the best in terms of the sector in which the products came from. The devices that are the best in the past month include

Samsung Galaxy S3

The product from the tech giants is still among the most available about gadgets in the technology scene. The phone model, which comes with many features, which have received raises from the people, is among the unique phone models in the market. The device has many features such as support of the 4GLTE and many other features. Estimates indicate that the phone sold many models in the world. This shows the amazing quality of the device and its makers

Microsoft World Of War Craft 

The new game from the computer makers is one of the highlights in the game sector over the recent month. The game, which is one of the most funs, games in terms of player experience and game effects. The game that is in simulation form allows the player to engage with the opponent. The game has additional effects that ensure the maximum experience in terms of game outplay.

Nexus 7

The new tablet from Google that is one of the economic tablets available in the market also offers a lot of features and unique experience. The product from the firm, which operates using the Android platform, is inclusive of a lot of attention from the tech scene. This is mainly due to the variety of features the tablet has. This includes the seven-inch screen. This is just one of the unique things that set the tablet a part form the other tablets. The other features include the inclusion of increase in speed of the device. The device also offers a unique image quality in terms of the definition of the videos and pictures.

Samsung Camera

The digital camera from the phone makers is also one of the products to remember. This is mainly because of the amazing features on the device. This includes the high quality picture resolution and many other features such as the inclusion of the Android platform in the device.

The digital camera from Samsung also has many features such as ease of portability. The device is small and hence easy to carry around. This makes the device convenient for travels and vacations.

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