Communication is Key: Is Your Developer Offering Ample Communication for Your Project?

In the modern world, with all our technology and all our connectivity, there is no shortage of developers for your project. In fact, there are over 12 million developers worldwide already, and this number is only growing!

With so much competition, it’s hard to find the right one for you. One of the key areas that can help this is simple communication. When your developer seems to ‘just get it’, they can create exactly what you’re looking for. The problem is getting a developer who ‘gets it’. Here are some tips for making sure your communication and understanding levels are as high as possible.

Provide Examples & Templates

The best way to understand what somebody wants, is for them to show you, right? We’ve all heard the old saying of a “picture speaks a thousand words”. This is true in pretty much all areas of life. Is there already a similar product to the one you’re trying to create? Can you best explain it by basing it on something which already exists? Or maybe you can provide a detailed draft of exactly what you’re looking for?

In any of these situations, providing your examples/templates will make it a lot easier for your developer to create exactly what you want. It’s so easy to miss details when describing something, plus the words you use may have slightly different meanings to a different person.

Use Regular Communication

Regular communication gives you a chance to see how the project is progressing. Ideally, every time there’s an update it would be forwarded to you. Some people would draw the line at a maximum of one update daily, though this is for you to decide.

This is also a two-way street because if your Apple or Android Development Company starts to go off track, it’s better that you are able to spot it and alert them before even more time and work are spent on the project.

Be Precise

On top of the original project description, you have to be very clear with any requirements once work is underway. Your feedback, in particular, has to be clear and easy to follow. Telling a developer something isn’t right doesn’t help them to fix the issue.

Always explain in full what it is you want, don’t worry about overloading with detail as the more detailed you are, the better the developer can work!

Be Decisive

Sometimes things will go wrong part-way through a project. Maybe some kind of emergency happens, or maybe you just happened to hire a bad developer. Either way, the best thing to do is cut your losses ASAP and move on to the best possible replacement.

It may feel like a waste after already investing time and money into the project, but do you really want to invest even more time/money just to be disappointed anyway? I didn’t think so. Instead, treat it as a lesson learned and know that you’ll be better at spotting the right developer in the future. Then get rid of the bad one you did hire, and start looking for the right developer for you!