Common problems with enclosures and how to fix them

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As a business owner, choosing the right enclosures for your electrical and electronic devices is vital. Enclosures protect the sensitive components from external exposures and environmental hazards that might otherwise damage it.

But what happens when the setting within the enclosure is not ideal for the performance and life of the components inside? There are certain factors and situations that could cause issues within the enclosures.

What are the common problems found in an electrical enclosure? And what can be done to fix the problems in an enclosure?

There are a few common problems to look out for in your enclosures and some preventative steps to take to keep your downtime and repair costs low to a minimum.


Moisture is one of the main threats that can damage your electrical components by causing corrosion, short circuits or even premature breakdown. And the reason why you put your components inside an enclosure is to keep them safe from hazards, moisture being one of them. But what happens when moisture is formed inside an enclosure? Formation of condensation can cause big problems for the electrical equipment housed inside.

Condensation is mainly triggered by hot air coming into contact with a colder surface than the air dew point. The best way to fix condensation is to install a thermostat and a hygrostat that will regulate the temperature and humidity. Fan heaters can also prevent condensate build-up and therefore protect against corrosion.


Another critical factor that can affect the electrical components within an enclosure is temperature. There is a lot of equipment inside an enclosure that causes the formation of excessive heat that is compounded by the tiny spaces. Extreme heat can lead to malfunction and even a leakage in the circuits.

Remove the excessive heat by convection; for this design the enclosures with vents that should be strategically placed to allow the hot air to pass out and be replaced by cooler air. You could also install fans or blowers to boost the cooling effect. In hot environments, it is best to use an air conditioner.


Electrical enclosures are often exposed to floating dust, dirt and debris. A lot of problems can arise when dust infiltrates an enclosure, particularly when the enclosure is dealing with highly sensitive equipment.

Dust can cause overheating, short circuits, malfunction, and even failure of components. The most effective way to eliminate dust levels inside the electrical enclosures is by installing an air dryer that can keep the dust and dirt from not settling down. There are air dryers that are specifically designed for electrical enclosures.

Over time, the filter media on the vents can become blocked with dust, affecting the flow of air. Replacing or cleaning the filters regularly can rectify this issue Enclosures protect your office equipment from harsh environments and other external hazards such as moisture, chemical compounds, extreme temperatures, dust, dirt and other contaminants.

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