The Importance of Collaboration in Business

If you are the owner or director of a small to medium size business, or SMB, you may be looking at the huge corporations and wondering what they offer that you don’t. Obviously, competitive wages may be one of the driving factors, but how were they able to reach meteoritic growth in their industry? What you will most often see is that they offer a wide range of avenues for the team and personal growth that fuels productivity and, of course, profitability. One of the most reliable approaches has been giving their teams the ability to collaborate, which carries a number of benefits. This is what you may be missing out on and something you may wish to seriously consider.

From a Strategic Business Perspective

You have heard the old cliché, “two heads are better than one.” There’s a very good reason for this, and this is the basis for collaboration. By its most basic definition, collaboration is defined as two or more people working together to achieve a common goal. However, that just lays the groundwork. When you put professionals together, each may see things from a different perspective whereby others see what they’ve been missing.

Collaboration allows room for brainstorming so that by group consensus they can piece together a strategy that has the best of all input. Corporations understand the benefits of collaboration and will sponsor project workshops

so that their team members can collaborate in an organized manner. While some of the larger corporations have HR personnel on staff to host these workshops, SMBs may need to hire professionals to organize a structured agenda. Either way, these workshops provide a time and place for collaboration so that everyone brings something to the table.

Team and Personal Empowerment

When you put people together to share ideas, you will find that you are empowering them towards personal and corporate growth. The truth is that most people tend to listen to what their coworkers have to say. They may, or may not, agree with what other team members are saying, but it spurs thought, and that is a very good thing.

They can ask themselves why they don’t like what someone else is saying or why they like what is being presented but never thought of it themselves. Collaboration ignites the growth process on both a personal as well as a team level, but it also brings team members closer together. They may not ever achieve a close personal relationship but at the very least each member will be able to get a better vantage point into the thought processes of others on the team.

A Well-Oiled Wheel

When you have team members collaborating, working together to achieve a common goal, it’s like a well-oiled wheel. Things tend to run more smoothly without those dreaded hang-ups while problems are ironed out. You will find that giving them the ability to work together will increase both productivity and efficiency. A well-oiled wheel rolls smoothly towards the finish line and that’s what you hope to accomplish. If you are wondering what those mega-corporations have that your SMB doesn’t, you might want to think project workshops and collaboration – a key place to start.