“Clueful”, Bitdefender’s iPhone spyware

A famous security dealer, Bitdefender cautions fans of Apple about a malicious iPhone spyware. This spyware has the ability to damage iPhones’ security mechanism. Bitdefender suggests iPhone users to get the phone checked by a technical expert if they see any unusual activity on their cell phone. The users should not remain clueless about these secret spywares, which attack the defences of the phone. For this purpose, Bitdefender has come up with an application called “Clueful” to help the user in keeping their iPhones’ security intact.


Monitoring software for Android

Earlier, Android faced the same issue which was picked up by Bitdefender. The security dealer came up with Mobile Security and Antivirus application that aimed at defending the phone against Android spy software. The latest version of Bitdefender is armed with an exciting application of Clueful, which is designed to provide strong defenses to iOS against iPhone spyware.

The success of Clueful application was a given, keeping in view the earlier success of Android spy software. Although Android app allowed both the user and Bitdefender to monitor applications on their cell phones, this was a bit complicated in iPhones. For this reason, the developer came up with Clueful app for iOS users.

Clueful as a Cleanup app

Clueful application helps the iPhone users to monitor their phone activities through manual analysis of other apps on the phone. Through this action, the user is able to identify any harmful apps and detect if the phone has been infected by an iPhone spyware. Clueful tracks signs for malware attack on users’ iPhone. The most obvious sign he would detect is when any app on the iPhone required more than necessary to run. It also takes care of the unnecessary details and pop ups that might affect the iPhone. For example, while using the weather app, geo-locating the phone user is appropriate, as weather can only be identified when location of the user is detected. But problem arises if the information of location is sent to an external server.

Aggressive Advertising

The basic purpose behind number of services in an application is to make a mark in the plethora of app developers through aggressive advertising. The presence of extra services points to the fact that the data is efficiently monitored for advertising purposes. Smartphones don’t have a long range; hence advertisers have to use strong tools to break their defenses. Therefore, smartphone users need to have strong defenses like Clueful against the advertising malwares.

Beware of Malware

Keeping in view the incessant downloading of apps available free online, users need to be extremely vigilant about having a cleanup application like Clueful in their smartphones. This app enables the users to go through all the installed apps to figure out if they are safe enough. Among iPhones this application is even more useful, as they help to manually clean the effected apps in use. This helps the user to keep the cell phone software secured and free of any spyware.

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Natalia David, a blogger by profession an author significantly contributes towards PC security and Android spy software. If you want to know more about Natalia you can follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4

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