Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) – A Complete EC2 Backup and EC2 Disaster Recovery Solution

CPM is a backup recovery solution for the EC2 environment, based on EBS snapshots. CPM can also copy backups to other regions and by that it provides an EC2 disaster recovery solution.

When using CPM, you don’t need to worry about a single snapshot, but rather manage your backup operation. CPM Features include:

  • Central Backup Management and Monitoring:

You manage CPM via a secure, modern and user-friendly web user interface. Defining backup to run on instances and volumes is just a mouse click away. Using the Backup monitor, you can easily see which backups ran, their statuses, and also view the backup log and other useful information. Recovering instance and volumes is just a mouse click away.

  • EC2 Disaster Recovery: CPM provides an EC2 disaster recovery solution. You can automatically copy your EBS snapshots to other regions. Then you can easily recover instances and volumes at the source or destination regions.

When recovering EC2 instances at another region, you typically need to provide region specific objects like security groups, key pairs, ram disks and kernels. CPM’s AMI Assistant will help you locate AMIs at the destination region, similar to the original AMI of the backed up instance. You can then use these AMIs details to find suitable kernel and RAMDisk IDs.

  • Application-Consistent Backup: CPM helps you perform live and consistent backup of applications (e.g. databases). It does so by running scripts in Linux and Windows. For Windows Servers there is also out-of-the-box support for VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service), for consistent backup of Windows applications like: SQL Server, SharePoint, domain controllers etc…
  • Automatic Retention Management: Automatic policy-based retention management (deletion of old snapshots). You choose how many backups to keep for each policy, and CPM will delete the older ones automatically.
  • Powerful Recovery Option: You can perform recovery of whole instances or just single volumes. CPM will remember the original configurations and use them as the default. You can choose to change whatever you need, like instance type, security groups, placement etc…
  • Multi-User Multi-Account Support: If you manage multiple AWS accounts or you need to support separate users, each one managing their own accounts, CPM supports that easily, by supporting creation of additional users.
  • Security: CPM puts special emphasis on security. We don’t support any kind of communication which is not encrypted. Your AWS secret keys are also encrypted in the CPM internal database. CPM also supports using IAM to create credentials with limited permissions.

CPM also supports a complete EC2 disaster recovery scenario, where you can recover the CPM backup server at another region, and then use it to recover your EC2 instances and EBS volumes at that region.

CPM gives you a comprehensive solution for ec2 backup based on EBS snapshots and an EC2 disaster recovery solution. With its rich feature-set it gives answers to all EC2 backup needs.

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