5 Best Climbing Carabiner Options in 2020

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Who all love trekking? Well, don’t know about you, but for me it is is the most adventurous sport. It has everything that an individual needs to feel the adrenaline rush. But hey! Amind all the adventures, don’t forget some useful tech like mobile phones, smartwatches, and safety clips, Carabiners, etc. Carabiners are the safety clip that helps to tie up the ropes together. They are used in various sports. whether you are doing Trekking, Trad, or toprope, carabiners play an important role to make all these sports safe and secure.

There are several types of carabiners, and every type of carabiners is used for different purposes. Some of the carabiners come with a locking facility, while on the other hand some of them are just plain simple to use.

In this article, I will guide you n the types of carabiners and how they are used in different circumstances.

Best Climbing Carabiners

If you go to the market, you will find that market is filled with different types of carabiners. You might get confused about which carabiners to choose. To reduce you from worrying, I have come up with this article, to show you top Crabinersa and how they are being used. After seeing this you might have an idea what kind of carabiners you need for your next trip.

1.   Petzl attached 3D

Petzl is one of the most used Crarabiners all over the world,. It is due to its high quality and for the number of activities it can be used. You can use it for belaying, anchor building, and pretty much anything where locking carabiners are needed. The opening of the carabiners is less wide and are made with aluminum. The body of the Petzl is supported by the I beam. These two distinctive features help the Petzl give its power balance.


  • Small size I beam construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Security stripes to see whether it is lacked or not.

2.   Black Diamond Neutrino

If you are looking for some simple and classic looking carabiners then try looking for Black Diamond Neutrino. They have a very distinctive color code and are designed for effective and efficient use. You can buy them in any supermarket. The best thing about these carabiners re that they have a wide opening that helps you to do your job effectively. With aluminum, the Neutrino is quite durable and is not prone to freezing in the alpine region. However, it is on the heavy side if compared with the regular carabiners.


  • Large gate opening.
  • Hugh durability.
  • Freezeproof.

3.   Edelrid HMS Bulletproof

Edelrid HMS bulletproof Carabiners design for high-quality performance. A special kind of steel has been used to make these carabiners to make sure that the carabiners are safe from the erosion of the rope frictions and bolt hangers. Edelrid carabiner comes with locking features that assure you that it will not open easily. This carabiner is also used for safety purposes.

Since the steel is heavy, the design of the carabiners is made in a form of H-profile to add aluminum to its volume to reduce the weight of the carabiners.


  • Supported by stainless steel to rescue surface erosion.
  • A locking feature is available.
  • Made with lightweight aluminum.

4.   Wild Country Helium

Wild country helium is super lightweight carabiners that can be used in many ways. Mostly these carabiners are used for fast activity purposes. For instance, there is something that you need to hold for a few minutes but both your hands are full. Then in cases like these wild country carabiners are really helpful. The desi of the world country carabiners have an I shaped beam that helps the carabiners to retain its full size with reduced weight.


  • It has a hook free clean nose.
  • Wide mouth for easy opening.
  • I beam construction has reduced the weight without reducing the size.

5.   CAMP USA nano

CAMP USA nano is a nonlocking carabiner that has a deep basket that lets the rope move freely. The design is very clean and thin. This made many climbers doubt its longevity. But the company warrants its tenacity. These carabiners are mostly used for carrying hiking water bottles, Cameras, and other trad materials.

The weight of these carabiners is just only 22 gms, which makes it very light. This weight really comes in handy when you are going for a long hiking tour where weight matters a lot.


  • Extremely light.
  • Cames in several color variants.
  • Deep basket to support the free movement of the ropes.


With that being said, now you know what are the top carabiners and what are the features that you must consider while purchasing one. In the above list, I have mentioned all kinds of carabiners. All the carabiners have their own distinctive features that suit for specified use only.

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