Casper Apk – Download Casper Snapchat Saver Apk [Latest version 2018]

Casper Apk is specifically designed for all the Snapchat users who fail to save their Snapchat photos and videos. Snapchat is among the most popular social media platform where people communicate through photos and videos.

Snapchat is quite dramatic when it comes to exploring the filters which are highly active and spreading very fast but what brings disappointment is that the media that you upload will get disappeared after 24 hours.

But it was difficult only in the initial stage but now Snapchat has upgraded and made it possible that you can easily capture all the photos and videos that you share and it also allows receiver to do that but for that he/she have to take a screenshot but the other person will be notified about the same and it gets really embarrassing.

Casper APK 2018

Since Casper APK has come into existence you don’t have to worry about such embarrassing moments and you can easily overcome such things. You are being given the disclaimer that Snapchat does not sponsor such apps but these third-party apps are developed only to make things easier.

There are many apps like Casper but, this app is totally different and unique with its features. Moreover, you are not required to root your smartphone to get additional features. But once you download this app it will work without the root.

Casper Apk is an application solution that will help you to make Snapchat experience much more enjoyable and you will gain a lot more filters and many exclusive features that will enhance your Snapchat experience. We will now look at some of the advanced features of Casper Apk that makes it unique in the application market.

Best Features of Casper APK

  • Casper Apk allows you to save all the photos and videos that you capture on your smartphone. And also when you save the pictures or media of other person and the other person will not be notified about it.
  • You must have noticed that the snaps that you send get disappear within a few seconds. But with Casper apk, you will be able to share the snap or a story to any person from your contact.
  • It becomes monotonous when you get the same filters daily. But with Casper Apk you will get to interact with all the new filters every day.
  • With the help of Casper Apk Media Editor, you will get more mature and professional slide filters that are advanced in its feature which will help you to create all of them by yourself.
  • Imoji SDK is integrated into the Casper apk which allow users to search through the multiple sticker options which can easily be inserted into the pictures of the users.
  • You will be able to personalize or customize the pictures with a lot more creative functions that Casper apk offer to its users.

How to Download Casper Apk for Android?

Before we move to the installation process of Casper apk on Android device you are required to allow third-party apps to enter your android device and you can do that by enabling your phone to Unknown sources. Follow these step to enable your Android device.

  • The first step is to go to the “Settings” of your smartphone.
  • Once you open the settings you will get to see the “Security” option which you need to click on.
  • After that, you will get to see the “Unknown Sources” option on your screen which you have to mark.

This is how you will be able to enable your device to Unknown sources and then the third-party app like Casper Apk will easily enter and then you can launch the desired apps.

Step – 1: Firstly, you have to go to the official website of Scribblenauts unlimited apk or any other trusted sources and then you have click on the download link which will be available on the page.

Step – 2: Once the apk file gets downloaded on your device, you have to visit “File Manager” of your device.

Step – 3:  Then you will get to see the downloaded file there and then you have to double tap on it for the installation process to complete.

Step – 4: Double tap on the “Install” button and after that it will take a few seconds for the installation of Casper Apk on your device.

Step – 5: Then Accept the terms and Conditions by clicking on the “Agree” button.

Step – 6: Once you agree with the Terms and conditions, you will get to the see the Casper Apk running on your device and then you are required to Log in with your Snapchat Account to use it further.

How To Save Snapchat Pictures Through Casper Apk?

  1. When you have successfully installed the Casper Apk which will help you run this app on your device after completing the login process on your Snapchat.
  2. You can also update the app if any notification pops up on your device.
  3. Once you fill the Snapchat details then you have click on the “Continue” button along with your Google Account details.
  4. You must have seen the ‘+’ bubble on the top right corner. Once you tap there you will be given 3 choices.
  • Create a blank snap.
  • Choose the last picture clicked from the gallery.
  • Start the camera and select the ‘x’ bubble and then you can close the “+” menu.
  1. Let’s suppose you want to send any old picture to your friend which is there in your contact then you will select “Choose from gallery” option,  then select the picture and send it to the contact and share the photo by clicking on it.

Final Words

We hope that this article has covered all the aspects of downloading “Casper APK” on your Android device. We have elaborated all the features of Casper Apk and how does it work on the Android device.

We request you to follow all the instructions carefully which surely will help you to download Casper apk on your smartphone and you will get an easy access to all the new filters which will make your experience much more exciting.

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