Carbon ZOOKA – Stylish, Affordable, Elegant and Crisp Sound

Carbon ZOOKA – Stylish, Affordable, Elegant and Crisp Sound

If you want you ipads, laptops and cell phones tiny sound to be heard with style and great depth then you have to buy the all new Carbon Audio ZOOKA. With dynamic seamless and sleek design it has a powerful built in wireless speaker system that gives some meaning and freshness to the sound. With amazing features, stylish outlook and really affordable price this is truly a sensation to get along with. This tiny device has a lot to offer.

What has it Got?

ZOOKA has got nearly everything your media device needs. It has style, substance and its powerful built-in double speakers give sparkling sound of crisp quality. Whether you play a game, listen to your music library or watching a movie, it simply sounds great. The elegant design and with vibrant colors it surely becomes a part of your personality. It is made up of rubber and has all the buttons elegantly furnished on its surface.

Elevate Your Media

This new device has a lot to offer more than what meets the eye. The egg shaped rubber bar has everything. There is a small nail embedded at the back which helps to elevate the ipad and other devices when connected to give it a stand. It gives a perfect multi dimensional view of your media so you have a better picture view from any side.

Put everything on it…!!!

The Zooka comes with a built-in microphone, so whether it’s pressing play on your favorite song or answering that incoming call, you can be sure you’ll hear it loud and clear. With double powerful speaker it surely gives a crisp, dynamic and amazing movie, music and gaming experience. Connect it to you Smartphone, laptop or ipad it will be a blen of classic style and vibrant sound.


Connect Your Laptop

ZOOKA also has the facility to be connected to a laptop. Its brilliant and elegant design helps you to attach it to the top lid of your screen without disturbing the camera view. The design is customized not to become a hurdle for you during your image display providing clear and crisp sound quality at the same time. So I you are on Skype or video chat don’t worry the view won’t be blocked and you will hear everything clearly and with superior quality.

This one masterpiece is surely a class. With affordable price of 100$ this small thing has a lot to offer. Its wireless and easy to use gives you style and crisp sound at the same time. The rubber made structure makes it more durable and long lasting against shocks. The battery life of upto 8hrs is great, you can have non stop multimedia enjoyment all day long.

With extended features and all in one purpose this product is a love bite and you should surely add it to your wardrobe. With premium sound quality and deep bass this is one of the finest portable and sound devices.

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