5 Best Camera Tripod Stands For Photographers

If you are a photographer, the most important tool you need is the tripod stand. A high-quality, durable tripod is a must-have camera accessory. Individuals looking for picture quality cannot compromise on the camera gear. Nonetheless, with a long list of famous brands in the market now, it isn’t easy to decide the best one.

Purchasing one tripod becomes a challenge. Therefore, we have gathered here a list of the 5 best camera tripod stands for every photography lover.

How to Select the Best Camera Tripod Stand?

Professional look forward to numerous factors before buying a tripod stand. Considering the weight, size, quality, material, and durability of the gear is necessary. Also, it depends on the camera you are using.

Besides this, it is also necessary to focus on the price of your camera tripod stand. For owning a stand that is lightweight but strong, prioritize carbon fiber stands. These are ideal for a photographer. However, this material is expensive at times.

Keep in mind; some tripods are sold as legs individually. Therefore, find out what you need and move forward to the list of the 5 best camera tripods.

The Best Camera Tripod Stands

Review these tripods and make sure the one you decide meets all your expectations.

Manfrotto 190XPro4

Manfrotto is a popular brand when it comes to 190-series tripods. It has different types of stands with 3-4 leg sections. Here, this stand consists of 4 sectioned aluminum legs with an XPro ball head.

This full-size satisfies many photographers by reaching as higher as 175cm and lower as 57cm. In this model, the 90-degree pivot feature is user-friendly and enables the horizontal boom mode quickly.

Also, it shows great improvement in the 4 sectioned, multi-angle lock system. You can prefer it as the tripod stand works best at its maximum height too.

Peak Design Travel Tripod

It is the first-ever tripod stand model by Peak Design. The tool is available in carbon fiber and aluminum both. However, its carbon fiber model is an expensive choice for photographers. Also, it makes the best choice for travelers.

The tripod stand is exceptional if you are traveling across the country or hiking with friends. It is because the gear shortens to 39cm only and is easy to pack. However, you can successfully extend it to 153cm for video making.

Also, it has a low profile ball and is strong enough to hold your smartphone or camera.

Vanguard Veo 2 Go 265HCBM

Vanguard has released its latest tripod stands’ model for travel loves and photographers. The Veo 2 Go 265HCBM version offers an exceptional height of 166.5cm along with a detachable monopod. It is a lightweight and neat design gear for professionals. Also, its user-friendliness sits perfectly with the foldable height of 41cm.

If you are buying this camera tripod stand, make sure to raise the center column for chest-level shooting. Also, the tripod has a monopod leg that you can remove easily. You can use its short center column for shooting at low angles.

Professionals with DSLRs or mirrorless cameras can smoothly handle this tripod stand for work.

Benro Rhino Carbon Fiber Zero Series

For photographers in 2020, the Benro Rhino series is impossible to miss. You cannot afford to lose this tripod stand with its carbon fiber material for lightness and strength. This tripod stand folds down to a minimum of 66cm by using its reverse folding legs with a 3-step self-adaptive rubber base.

The tripod can handle a maximum payload of 10kgs and is more than enough for most of the camera setups. It is a professional and ideal combination of portability, price, and durability.

MeFoto GlobeTrotter A2350Q2

This tripod stand is the biggest and heaviest of its brand. You can find it in bright shades. However, it is majorly available in black color and is manufactured of the carbon fiber material. You can prefer this model of the tripod stand as it folds down to minimum 41cm by using its 5-sectioned legs.

It is extendable to 165cm for shooting purposes. Also, you can remove its 5 legs while adjusting it into a monopod style. As a plus side of this tripod stand, you get a pair of interchangeable metal spikes and rubber pads.

You will always find the GlobeTrotter as an iconic choice for those who wish to buy a full-size tripod stands that pack into a small bag smoothly.

Final Words

These are the 5 best camera tripod stands you can find in the market for photography and videography. Select one that suits your preferences and is affordable enough for the work.

Make sure not to compromise on the quality and features of your tripod stand. An ideal stand will always contribute to the best image quality!

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