Business Telephone Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

There are many ways on how entrepreneurs can maximize their phone dedicated for business. For starters, the telephone is not just for placing and receiving calls.

Companies have these two common mistakes when using their phones, and it’s all about tracking: first is not being able to track results, and second is tracking the wrong thing.

Below are some more communication tips to guide your operations:

You will not hear from your dissatisfied customers from your business telephone

According to data, 96% of unhappy customers will not tell you about their experience, they will rather tell their families, friends, and Facebook contacts. Thus, you have to be careful of your online reputation, because it’s the first place that prospective customers will look for feedback or reviews regarding your product or service.

Half of your complaining customers will go back to you if you were able to address their complaints.

While you can no longer turn back time to undo the damage done to your customers’ perception of your company, you can still control the “damage”. First, find out the root cause of their complaint. Is it a product defect? If yes, offer replacement. It might still be covered by the warranty. Is it service related, or is it a problem with your distribution channel? Whatever it is, you can find out by really listening to your customers. It is a good idea to invest in a business communication system that can take and record calls from all locations of your client base. Ask around for a business telephone service provider that can also allow you to retrieve calls anytime and anywhere you are.

Use the Pareto principle: get to know and serve the needs of 20% of your customers who account for 80% of your sales.

While most businesses now are veering towards the lean and mean set-up to save on labor costs, there should still be emphasis on delivering a great customer experience despite the fewer employee population. You can achieve this through your business phone. Find time for at least two or three of your top 20%, give them a ring so you can express the company’s personal regards and vote of thanks for their continued patronage. They might even give you a tip or two on how you can better improve your product and service offerings. Do this every day and you’re guaranteed to get that 80% fast enough. Be sensitive though when you make that call. There is such thing as good time to make a call. As much as possible, it is best to first get their permission before you proceed.

Look for new prospects every day

Often, checking your inbox takes a huge chunk of your time including the time you spend on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. While you need to get your company out there using social media, you have to remember the basics when it comes to sustaining your business: you should always be able to find new prospects. Look for them, and contact them with your telephone. Most of the time it’s best to call first before you send an email. The results are worth the effort.