Business Security: Six Of The Most Common Tech Issues You Should Know About

Businesses today are heavily reliant on technology regardless of the industry. The problem is that a variety of internal and external security problems can arise from using the tech. Here are six of the most common tech issues you should know about.

Systems or Devices That Cannot Be Updated

A major tech issue to be aware of has to do with systems or devices that cannot be updated. These are things like routers, network printers or even outdated operating systems that cannot be patched to defend against new threats or changes to the larger information technology, or IT, infrastructure. These devices need to be removed from the business.

Mobile Devices

A second tech issue is the use of mobile devices within the business. Mobile devices can unintentionally transfer malware to internal systems or even provide hackers with unfettered access to IT networks. The best policy is to prohibit employees from bringing in mobile devices from home to work on.

Disgruntled or Careless Employees

The internal threat from disgruntled or careless employees will always be a tech issue for businesses. Employees intentionally or unintentionally could create gaps in even the best security setups. A good answer is to use a specialized platform like the one at Stealthbitsto monitor employee actions through Exchange. This platform can show whether employees are putting company security at risk.

Third-Party Providers

Third-party service providers for things like payment gateways or enterprise resource planning can potentially create tech issues that give hackers a simple way into your business network. Third-party providers might have large IT security problems. Ensure the providers are using the highest security possible, are certified and audit regularly.

Cloud-Based Applications or Services

Cloud-based applications or services can allow malicious people to install programs on your network or take over systems quickly. You want to use all encryption, firewall and other defenses possible. A virtual private network, or VPN, can help by securing connections to the cloud.

Not Having a Response and Recovery Plan in Place

A final tech issue is not having a response and recovery plan in place. This means your business has no plan for what to do during or after an attack on your IT systems. Always have a fully develop response and recovery plan in place for your current systems.

You do not want to rely on the security of out-of-the box technology even if it is from a leading company. You want to constantly scan for vulnerabilities, update your systems and run security audits. If you are careful and thorough, then you can mitigate these six common tech issues.