Biking 2013: All About the Honda CR250FL

honda_bikeHonda has been manufacturing motorcycles since 1946. The founder of the company, Soichiro Honda, had been a successful mechanic and racer since the 1920s. He also spent a decade manufacturing piston rings for Toyota. He recognized the pressing need for economical transportation in postwar Japan. Honda started installing surplus 2 stroke motors on bicycles and rose to become the motorcycle powerhouse it is today.
The Honda CR250FL is a dual sport machine. It is ideal for a daily commuter or a weekend trail rider. It has an upright seating position. Whether on the trail or looking over traffic, you will have the view that gets you where you want to be.
The single cylinder engine is fuel injected and counter balanced. Fuel injection in top quality Honda Bikes means less maintenance and easier starting than a carbureted engine. It also provides better fuel economy and greater mid-range power. The engine driven counter balance gives the machine the narrow profile and power range of a single while running as smoothly as a multiple cylinder power plant. The fuel economy and emissions are controlled by the integrated electronic control unit (ECU) and slide air control valve.
For the trail rider the CR250FL has 10 inches of ground clearance. This will get you over some serious terrain. With over 8 inches of travel on the front forks and 9 inches on the on the rear single shock it will keep the terrain from beating up the rider. The mid-range power and low end torque is ideal for covering the trails you want to ride.
The CR250FL is enough fun to share. The long seat and fold-up passenger foot pegs mean you can invite your friends along to experience the trail or the road. The daily commuter will find built in cargo hooks to tie down their lunch or brief case without scratching the paint