Beware of Accessing Free WIFI With No Password Control

Finding a free Wi-Fi connection with no password needed may seem like a great catch, but in the background, you could actually be handing over all your personal information to a hacker. On top of this, you could also be giving them access to open ports on your device that you do not even know about. Those open ports can have viruses plugged into them at any time, and those viruses can bet set cause a chain reaction of events you don’t even know is happening.

You may have hard about the post popular of all viruses out there right now or maybe not. Cryptocurrencies may not be your thing, but there are hundreds of virus out there set to hack your crypto accounts.

But what if you don’t use crypto? Well then you could be hit by one of the crypto miner bots. Especially the crypto mining bot infesting Facebook. Miners need powerful hardware with huge amounts of processing power to mine cryptocurrency. When they mine a crypto, then its theirs to keep and the value attached to it goes into their pockets. There are entire datacentres out there full of computers that mine virtual currency. Now imagine not having to invest in all that hardware by inventing a virus that will use the processing power of other people’s devices.

Many of these open authentication WiFi internet hotspots have been set up to install these types of crypto robots on your device. All the time you think your phone or laptop is getting old, clunky and slow, it could in fact that time when you connected to a free WiFi spot with no password needed. During that connection a crypto bot installed on your device.

Now these bots spread too. So, when you get onto another network, they could potentially get into the router and on to other devices connected to the internet. Some of these bots have even been known to infiltrate TV set top devices and use their processors.

Aside from the nuances of crypto bots slowing down your hardware, there are more severe risks to connecting to open WiFis routers. For example, what if there is someone on the free WiFi device there monitoring your connection and capturing your data in the process. All they need is the right software and they can begin to crack passwords, keystrokes you use on certain sites, and even access files on your computer if the security on your device is not set correctly.

If you do want to connect to these internet routers, then use a VPN. You can get a free VPN here. There are multilanguage VPNs too if you prefer to have one set up that uses your native language. For example Italians would look for VPN gratis. The same companies are involved, it is just these major VPN companies have multi language versions of their software.

VPNs create a secure and encrypted tunnel through any internet router. Anyone monitoring the router with software designed to capture your data packets, will only receive encrypted data. This is much better than just connecting on an open connection so the router and software can record your exact activities.

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