Best Products to Turn a Home into Smart Home

Before we start covering the top electronics products for home automation, we need to be clear what actually a smart home is. It can be defined as a structure or building that has special wiring to enable communication, security, entertainment, convenience and information systems by remote control. In other words, a smart home comprises of all such facilities regarding security, preferred, and other facilities of life that the owners can manage and protect even when they are on vacations as well.

Technology is making home automation very convincing and facile for the house owners who don’t bother burning money. Home is an area that we all tend to see with peace, satisfaction, elegance and security so technology is investing in smart homes to make them smart enough with the latest gadgets. Here we have picked a few that may interest you to have in your smart home.

Amazon Echo

Apple introduced Siri almost five years before in its operating systems for the user convenience as it operates when it’s given commands by speaking. Amazon did a wonderful job by bringing this Echo into the markets. Echo is a Bluetooth speaker, not to listen to the music but to do a lot many functions like it works as your digital assistant to report weather, search something on web, bring you some information on web, play some music for you, set alarms and calendars and does a lot more operations for a smart home. It’s Siri and Google voice supported Echo that one feels very pleasant to have around.

Roomba 980

Roomba is so far the smartest semi-autonomous Robot that performs many functions when ordered. It’s an expensive home automation device but you can now schedule home cleaning and it will start doing whether you are near or away from it. It’s very active device that is not only smaller in size but smarter as well.

August Smart Lock

Controlling your doors and the entire house with a remote control device seems very neat and relaxing too. August Smart Lock is one such smart home automation product that lets you remotely control your locks. Keys are not needed for it rather you can integrate it with your phones and when it comes to its size, it’s a bit thick but is installed over your deadbolt unlike other locks. Even in many cases, you can control who will be entering your house and all this can be controlled by sitting remotely.

Ecobee3 Smarter WiFi Thermostat

When it comes to smart home automation, a number of items get our attention to be placed inside the house. Nest Thermostat is a pretty good choice but Ecobee3 is better in many ways and there is no exaggeration at all. Both the devices can adjust with your preferences while maintaining with the temperature as well. In other words, these WiFi devices are so cool to be enjoyed as compared to any other product of their nature.

If we compare both the devices, Ecobee3 is a perfect choice for larger homes and it can adjust in the larger areas. Along with you need to have extra remote sensors too in order to manage other section of the house. When it comes to Nest Thermostat, it’s comfortable in the limited place where it’s installed.

Smart Home Controlling System

Smart home is a dream of us all but it takes really some great amount of money. The NuBryte device lets you turn your home into a smarter one with your own preferences. Touch screen panels replaces your wall switches with a built-in camera and automatically turns the lights on when you enter your house. It can be used as an alternative of security camera but a combination one or two consoles will be perfect for the whole house too. Even when you get late, no need to worry and sending a message to your home console will let your family know that you are on the way to your home.

Final Words

With every passing day, we see something new, innovative and technically advanced. Home automation is improving and the manufacturers are working on it to revolutionize the smart home concept rapidly. Time is not far enough when we will be controlling our houses/homes remotely along with ordering our devices and robots do what our servant perform now. Our homes will become one-man show with an army of robots, electronic products and home automation devices.

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