Best iPad Apps for the Professionals

Professionals like you get an iPad to primarily help you with work. The mobility and ease of use it presents is great for the busiest of people. But your iPad is only as useful as the apps you have. Native apps for email, browsing, notes and syncing are helpful but may not be enough for you to maximize your iPad or get the best app for your needs.


So to help you get the apps you need, check out our list of the best apps for on-the-go professionals:

  • imo

First thing you need is to consolidate your contacts. Online messaging is free, instantaneous and popular. It’s also diverse and competitive. Imo is an app that lets you consolidate all your contacts across various messaging services under one app. This means that your Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other social media chat accounts can be integrated in one app. You don’t have to switch between apps just to check for messages. Just open one app and wait for notifications.

  • SmartOffice

Apple Apps such as the iWork bundle are great, but very expensive. What’s more, unless your office adopts Macs all around, you lose some of the syncing and functions. If your office or company adheres to Windows or other OS, then SmartOffice is a good choice for an office suite. It costs just above one of the iWork apps but you get a spread sheet creator, a word processor, a slideshow maker and desktop publisher. It syncs with several popular cloud-based file storage services and can save your work in different file formats. All in all, a better deal than the iWork bundle.RingCentral

This is an especially great app if you own a startup. It taps into your VoIP service subscription so you can make and receive calls right on your iPad. That’s right; your iPad can actually be an iPhone with the right app. If you log out from your account at work, you can log on to your iPad. People with 3G connections or LTE services can keep the service on all the time so you never miss a call, voice mail or fax.

  • Teamviewer

Ever needed that one file sitting at home, the office or in another computer? What if you haven’t uploaded it to the cloud? What if you don’t even have cloud-based storage? With this app you can circumvent all those problems by accessing your PC right from the app. That’s right; you get to see a Windows interface on your iPad if that’s what the active PC you’re accessing is running. You can move the cursor, open files and folders and even email the files you need. Just make sure someone is around to turn the PC on.

  • Documents

Once in a while, a free app comes along that is so versatile you really should get it. Documents is an app that opens any kind of file as best it can (or tells you when it can’t) but stores it anyway. It can unzip and unpack compressed files and even compress files for you. You can also email files from the app or launch the files onto different services.

  • Evernote

Note taking during meetings is important, and the traditional way isn’t the only way to write down your notes. You can actually take a picture of the meeting board with the app and then highlight or scribble notes further onto the picture. You can also record voice or video to be included in the app.

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