Benefits of LED Light Towers

The future of tower lighting will be heavily influenced by the widespread use and adoption of energy efficient light emitting diode light bulbs. Although the current market for these lights is focused mainly on early adopters and enthusiasts, the cost effectiveness and efficiency of these lighting systems will only increase. There are several benefits of using LED light towers rather than conventional light towers.
LED Light towers are very portable. This makes them convenient and easy to use. LED Light towers also have the capability to provide up to a maximum of 500 watts of lighting for each unit. Additionally, LED components have a two year warranty. With this, there is no reason to spend money if one of the parts stops working. At the same time, they only give off light in an assigned direction. This enables these light towers to be more effective in applications than those that use fluorescent and incandescent bulbs that waste energy by discharging light in all directions.
Very Durable
Light emitting diodes last for a longer period of time than metal halide lights. Every bulb in LED Light Towers have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This is unlike incandescent lamps that only last for 1,000 hours, halogen bulbs that only last 2,000 hours and compact fluorescent lighting that last for 6,000 hours. At the same time, LED Light Towers are erected to last for a very long period of time. These light towers are also subject to heavy duty inspection. 

They are also different than standard lighting. They do not really stop working or burn out like a standard light bulb. Additionally, the lighting diodes discharge lower output levels for a long period of time. However, they may become less bright. These light towers and their lamps are also not affected by vibrating and shaking. At the same time, these bulbs do not break easily because of the lamps’ compact design.
A LED light tower is also ideal for operation in cold temperature settings. With traditional lighting towers, cold environments can present a challenge or affect their operations. This is the reason why LED light towers are ideal for outdoors in the winter.
Environmentally Friendly
LED lighting towers are also environmentally friendly. They can save companies up to 50 per cent on energy costs. These light towers also do not discharge any ultraviolet rays whatsoever. With this, they are much better for the environment and more sustainable than traditional light towers. This is because they are capable of discharging much lower amounts of carbon. Additionally, they are equipped with a fully bunded chassis. These towers do not contain pollutants and mercury in their lighting components and are also 100 per cent recyclable.
Energy Efficient
 These light towers are also an effective way of lighting and illumination. They have an estimated energy savings of 80 to 90 per cent compared to light towers that use conventional light bulbs and traditional lighting. Light towers that use traditional lighting only operate at 20 per cent energy efficiency. The remaining 80 per cent of their electricity is lost as heat. 

A LED light tower also has a long operational life that also acts as a savings multiplier. It also helps achieve energy efficiency as well. This is true especially in large scale areas such as stadiums and airports. Due to their long life span, companies also experience great savings on maintenance work such as the time to stock, change and purchase conventional light bulbs. 
Power and Strength
A LED lighting tower does not need any time to warm up. LED lights will come on instantly. These lighting units are also more robust and stronger than traditional ones. The chance of being damaged when travelling from one place to another is less likely than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, LED lights can be switched on and off frequently without greatly affecting light emission or lifespan. This is unlike traditional lighting towers that may take some seconds to obtain full brightness. At the same time, frequent switching off and on will dramatically reduce their operational life expectancy.
Glare Free Illumination
A LED Lighting tower also features illumination with no glare. Their lighting is evenly distributed. Additionally, their lights are capable of being switched on and off individually. This will provide perfect lighting in any environmental condition.

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