Benefits of Internet Telephony

thumbw.phpThe mobile phone is no longer a luxury. Fact is, more and more people all over the world agree that the mobile phone is now considered as a necessity that one could not do without. These gadgets have made the world look and feel smaller, as one can reach out with another from just about any part of the world without making much effort. Now that the mobile phone plays such a significant part in the everyday life of almost everyone, it is understandable when one may get overly protective of his or her gadget. After all, buying a mobile phone is an investment and spending extra money to ensure better upkeep of these telephones is only fitting.

Different mobile phone service providers offer insurance policies for your gadget.  For a fixed price payable each month, you can rest assured that your mobile phone is protected.  But aside from the fixed monthly payments, there are also some third-party alternatives you can give a try. Some of these insurance policies typically extend protection to your phone after the original purchase date and may prove to be cheaper in the long run, giving you your money’s worth.

Here are some of the third-party insurance providers which you may want to consider:

  • SquareTrade

The company offers a huge selection of insurance plans for different types of gadgets, including cellular phones, laptops, tablets, cameras and even television. For cellular phones, the insurance policy provides you protection against drops, spills, mechanical disappointments, display failures, broken ports and different glitches. SquareTrade will also insure your older phones, and you can even ship your device that needs fixing to local facilities for free.

For the iPhone, the insurance plan will cost you $7.99 every month and $6.99 every month for other types of mobile units. There is a $50 deductible for every iPhone claim and a $99 deductible for other mobile phone claims.

  • Protect Your Bubble

The company secures your mobile from day by day utilization that can cause unexpected damage, including mechanical issues and fluid harm. Furthermore, the insurance plan covers against burglary and lost phones. Protect Your Bubble will offer you with credit monitoring services  in instances of robbery, so you can stay informed regarding your personal information while you wait for a replacement.

The insurance plan starts at $7.99 for every month, and there is a $120 deductible for every iPhone claim and a $100 deductible for other cell phone claims.

  • ProtectCELL

Another third-party mobile insurance company is ProtectCELL. The company provides three distinctive sorts of mobile insurance plans depending on your particular needs. Aside from providing protection against accidents and damage, ProtectCELL also offers recovery of stolen identities and protection of personal information. The Basic Plan is free for anyone to keep data and personal information secure.

Different plans begin at $29.99 for every year.

  • GoCare

GoCare offers your gadget protection against accidental damage, water damage and normal use failure. In addition, they cover phone protection regardless of the length of time that you have been using your phone, on the condition that it is still working properly with no records of repair. Each plan includes unlimited claims for repairs, but GoCare will only replace your phone once. Their insurance plans begin at $59 per year for iPhones and $57 per year for different cell phone units. There is a $50 deductible for every claim for all plans.

Other popular third-party insurance companies are Asurion, Geek Squad, Ensquared and many more. Most of the time people tend to buy mobile insurance plans from these third-party companies, not just because it offers full coverage protection for half the price, but also because third party insurance companies usually provide other extra programs and features that a regular mobile phone service provider would not offer.