Benefits and Perks of Joining Social Networking Sites

Social media has become a major driving force of the Internet today. It has the ability to influence some factors of society such as economics, politics, and socio cultural aspects of living. It has become one of the major driving forces of the so called “Arab Spring”, the series of events that transformed most of the Middle East these past years. Social media has become a powerful tool that it can overthrow powerful national leaders and monarchs. It has become a tool in which the individual ‘voices’ or opinion of many is magnified so the rest of the world could hear it. This power of social media came from its members, about a billion strong. More and more people from around the globe connect to the Internet every single day, and social media started to shape the Internet as we know it today. The Internet started out as a simple network for the US military decades ago, and now it has millions and millions of interconnected networks, computers, and servers. Most of the bandwidth that the Internet offers is used by social media activities and utilization. Billions of people around the world connect to their social network account every day. What are the reasons why many people that have an Internet connection join social networks? What are the benefits of creating an account and using such services? Well, here are some of the too many to mention perks of registering a social media account.

Instant messaging and chat

Chat and instant messages are part of social media; they are the direct method of communication between the members of the social network. It is also the simplest mode of communication on these sites, you compose short messages and then send it to its corresponding recipient and it is done. You can also send one message to many recipients at once. Chat works best if both the sender and receiver are online at the same time. The exchange of message will be instant and fast, although there will be times when your contact is either offline or busy. Just leave a message and they will be able to read your message the moment they log in.

Interactive online games

Social media is also a source of fun and enjoyment! Most social networking sites support online games and applications for its member’s use. Just select a game from a selection of different genre, accept its terms and conditions, and you are ready to go. No need to download and install each individual game. There is also no need to register for each games you play, you can just use your personal details you supplied on your social media profile. Online games are better in terms interactivity and cooperation, aspects of gaming not found on single player games. You can also share rewards and give game gifts to your friends, post your achievements, and any other online related game activities.

Update your status

With the use of social media, you will always be updated to the status of your friends and contacts. At the same time you can post your status so your friends could see it. You can post life events such as weddings, graduations, thanksgiving celebrations, etc. You can also post personalized photos and videos that reflect your daily life. Of course you can set the privacy of these items you share online.