Become a better PPC writer by using Social networking sites

Creating PPC ads is a creative and tricky business because of the availability of less space to say everything and it should be attractive also so as to increase the conversion rate. The person working as an ad copywriter in a PPC (pay per click) company has to face this challenge everyday. So, what you should write that will grab the attention of the users or customers and encourage them to visit the website. Some of the copywriters assume the customer likes and few of them research on their likes to frame PPC ads.

sem-ppc-seo-relationshipSo, the question is how to research the likes and dislikes of customers? The two sources which can help you to know these are: Facebook and Twitter. These two social networking sites can help you to write meaningful and attractive PPC ads based on the consumer likes and dislikes. Hence helps in increasing conversion rates. Below mentioned is How social networking sites can help you to become a better PPC writer.

  • Use these sites for market research: You can use Twitter and Facebook to identify the questions that people are asking about the products or services you sell. Once you know about their questions then you can write the ads easily by including the answers to those questions in your ads. For instance, your client has the business of mobile phones or smartphones. Then you want to know what exactly the customers are looking for in smartphones to decide which model to pick. Is it operating system, screen size or number of applications? In order to know what specific information buyers are looking for in smartphones, you can know from posts/tweets related to your business centric keyword i.e. “smartphones”. Now you know what people are looking for in smartphones and you can use this information while creating PPC ads.
  • Discover the topics in trend: This can be a bit difficult because trending topics on social networking sites are related to celebrities and not products. But if you open your eyes attentively, then you can get some information about the latest trends and can stay ahead of your competitors. You must implement the new trends as soon as they come because these trends are time sensitive. You can visit the sites such as TagDef to know the trending topics. Once you come to know about the trending topic that relates to the services or products you sell, give the trending angle to PPC and new visitors will visit your clients’ site.
  • Examine the others campaign: Find the repeated ads posted by others to know why companies are after those ads. It means that ads are catchy and has some value that is why they are posting it again and again. But it doesn’t mean that you copy the content of your competitors and post the ads, instead you must take the points and highlight the same points in your ad (in another sense and in your own unique way) and then post it. It will bring you the traffic without losing its originality.
  • Conduct a poll: This is one of the most effective and free method to know about the likes and dislikes of consumers. Using this you can directly ask the question to the consumer. For instance, if your client  sell the cars, then you can ask your potential customers what features excites you the most and give them the options A,B,C,D. This polling page will reveal you the buying habits of consumers and hence you can create an effective PPC ad.

Summary: You can try the aforesaid strategies to create an effective PPC ad that will improve your conversion rate.


Author Bio: Emma is a professional Content Writer, Working with SEO Rank Smart A SEO Company Emma is working hard to spread knowledge of current SEO Statics, among the reader.