Avoiding the Common Financial Pitfalls of SEO Link Building

AVOID-BLUNDERS-IN-SOC-MEDIADeveloping quality link builds for a website is one of the basics in search engine optimization, or SEO, and therefore may cost the most to create. Not only can link building take a huge chunk out of the webmaster’s budget, but it will also eat a fairly large amount of time. Most webmasters that are just starting out in the business will probably make some costly mistakes when it comes to link building and SEO in general. It helps to know some of the most common errors in judgment when it comes to link building in order for webmasters to avoid wasting time and more importantly, money, when it comes to optimizing their websites.

Creating backlinks is one of the more preferred methods that are still viewed as “white hat” to generate traffic to a website. By paying other webmasters to link sites unto theirs, it effectively creates a web of connection that visitors can follow through leading to a potential share of the online traffic. However, some crooked webmasters will sometimes remove backlinks that was paid for on their website. This is why regular inspections of backlinks must be done in order to ensure no one is getting left in the dust without them having a clue on what is happening. In the event that a website deals with backlinks professionally, it might be a wise idea just how many backlinks this website has.

A website with hundreds of backlinks will be useless to the common webmaster unless they have unique content to offer in their website. The benefits of using an image link rather than a text link are somewhat in the gray area but text links are still the recommended choice by most SEO developers. Sure, image links are pretty to look at and might even increase web traffic, but for the best results a keyword in the anchor text is a nearly bulletproof way to bring in online traffic. Having paid links is one of the easiest ways to drop a website’s ranking, but a lot of webmasters still practice this despite knowing the risk because of the extra cash they can receive from it. If the urge to earn a few extra credits using paid links is unavoidable then at the very least, try to be discreet about it. There are some sites that help webmasters sell links subtly so it might be worth checking out. The most common mistake in link building, which beginners tend to commit, involves linking to sites with awful reputations in search engines. Always check the history of the site before offering them backlinks as those that are in bad standing with search engines will literally drag your website along the slippery slope with them. 

Mistakes in SEO are pretty easy to make as search engines continually change the rules. The only way to remedy this is by being alert on any suspicious activities or huge drops in the sites rating. Not much can be done with this problem really except arming oneself with proper knowledge on the subject matter.

Nicole McGrey is a teacher at Edinburg High School for 5 years and currently taking PHd at University of Illinois. Her writing includes few notes about Eric Schiffer. Follow her on Twitter @NicoleMcGrey