Apple’s Newest Gadget and Update via WWDC 2013

Apple’s Newest Gadget The annual keynote of Apple just recently concluded and every fanatic were happy with the outcome of WWDC 2013. Although most developers already knew what they expect, but still Apple managed to surprise the whole world with what they will offer this fall.

Apple iOS7 – New design and Better Features

Apple’s newest operating system, the iOS7 is considered as the future of iOS. From the old dark and abyss design of the current OS for most innovative gadgets from Apple, the company showed the public “new type of depth”, which Jon Ive called it. It is full of pastel colors, dimensional icons and looks it is more exciting to use.

What makes it cooler is the responsivity; from text to weather app, all seems well balance with the new look of the iOS7. Addition to the coolness of the new iOS, is the layering becomes more complex rather than simpler visual of the current iOS; crisp and dimensional.

Apple OS X Maverick – Make Life Easier

Although iOS7 is the star of the keynote event, Apple made sure that the newest update of OS for their laptop and desktop will be fantastic. OS X Mavericks updates were borrowed from the products of iOS. Increased in battery life was also included with the new udated OS from Apple, and same as memory compression.  With the promise of 1.5x faster than the Mountain Lion, all of the improvements will mean the system will run better.

Remember the old password management app in Mountain Lion? Well, it will replace by iCloud Keychain. The difference from the old, not only it keeps the passwords for the apps on your Mac, same with personal information on websites.

The Air Gets the Best

Not only Apple refreshes their super skinny Macbook Air, they even get the new Intel’s processor, the Haswell. Which means more life to the battery; from being 6 hours of HD video, users will get a full 9 hours of life.

Even though the Macbook Air gets the most, Pro also been updated. Apple added a dual built-in microphone design and a new AirPort Express, so expect faster Wi-Fi connection.

Glimpse to New Mac Pro

Looks like Mac Pro is still not dead, not only it will support 12-core configurations, they will put the fastest ECC memory they ever put to their super computers. Not only the features but also the external design of the Mac Pro has new look. Although it looks like a trash can with circular design, but it will not be the hindrance for easy breezy hardware update.

iTunes Radio is Here

The wait is over; Apple’s online streaming is finally here to take over millions of people listen their music.

iOS in the Car? Check!

It is a bad habbit to call and text while driving, but for Apple, looks like they don’t practice those habbit. iOS in car is powered by Siri, which you can search the internet using Bing browser, mingling with friends via social network apps and Wikipedia-ing, all these you can do while inside your car.

Although it looks promising, you can use this feature until 2014.

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