Apple’s New updates for iPhone 6 and IOS 7

concept-13-technically-4g Apple is continuously coming with its normal procedure of skimping its gradual updates of gadgets, software and applications; well this is not quite scandalous news because apple is on its normal pace of work. It is quite outrageous that apple is working on their new boomed features including iPhone 6 and updating iOS 7.

Yet apple is allowing its edevices to have their new generations which have been uncloaked in the digital world. Most of the SDK developers of IOShave seen the wickedpiece of iPhone 6.1 and ios 7 references, “stated by”. Through an IP address which is initiating in Cupertino.

“Of course it can easily be explained , if testing apple’s app on the new prototypes of the company with updated versions, and definitely it would work on updated versions of its operating systems.:

So it comes with an issue of predilection of company’s privacy that something is leaked out in general public but few things are still safe to be known by apple enthusiast. Well the public said “we are not hen-chicks stupidest fans, company cannot conceal its new apps and hardware plus software stuffs, it has at some extent uncloaked to us”. Apple is spoofing its old version to diversify the guessing-habits of the people, it is quite confusing but new SDK for iPhone 6.1 and ios 7 are being clued-up and nearly it is going to launch in coming era.

Apple doesn’t like to be called a fruity Californian company; they are undoubtedlystriving to come up with new novelties which let them turning over the new fresh leaves in market and corporate transparency of gadgetsecrets.

iphone-ciccaresedesign-01A number of gurus anticipate a summer launch for the iPhone 6, although Dollars Day calculates that the iPhone 5’s is losing NFC as well as Jumbotron display due to the fact that Apple’s eventually got a best iPhone geared up for a springtime launch.

It’s an apple trend that company launches its new innovations the two phones per year but some people are predicting that iPhone 5S would possible in springtime and the other iPhone 6 would release in autumn or in October 2013.

Digitimes calculates that iPhone 6 appearances in spring is quite ambiguous however anticipating in summer season for new generations updates, WWDC unveiling this which fits with new apple gadgets.

There are couple of rumors rushing around the market that some developers are observing the new iPhone in their logs, and having a prediction that iPhone 6 seems like it supports iOS 7 whereas iPhone 5S will not run it. It would cost a fortune that 6 will have 128GB like an iPad, and it’s going to give a full fun to its adopters.

IPhone 6 will do NFC in that case if it comes in spring time while other speculators are saying it might miss this feature if it got late in spring. It has also got a new camera comprising room quality with 13 mega pixels sensor.

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