Android Versus iPhone: Which is the Smarter Smartphone?

Today as technology advancesall the time, choosing which smartphone is truly smarter can be a daunting task. Each probably has all the basic features, but which will have the power to outlast and outperform can be difficult to know. Listed below are a couple differences between the Android and iPhone. It might just take experience and time, but with help you can decide which is truly the smarter smartphone.

Whose Hardware Is Smarter?
One of the first major differences between Android and iPhone smartphones is the overall hardware in the unit. Since Apple is the only company that makes iPhones, there is a very clear and distinct line when it comes to the hardware within the unit, and how the software works with it. Each iPhone will be up to the same standard but Android hardware can vary greatly from phone to phone due to the fact that there are many different companies manufacturing Android smartphones and providing their hardware. It is a common occurrence for Android phones to freeze or malfunction due to hardware and software having issues when working together.

Compatibility Support
Apple is a company that religiously releases not only updates for the iOS, but also completely new versions. Android is not comparable at all in this category. Android is generally slow on releasing updates, and in some cases, does not release an update at all. Although it is a common fear that iPhone will stop supporting phones that are running an extremely old version iOS, Apple definitely offers more support for older phones than Android does. On the other hand, less updates and installations might mean a slower or more outdated phone, but one that will last you.

App Control and Selection
Even though there are a few more apps available on Google Play, Android’s version of the App Store, the Apple App Store is known for setting higher standards for what is allowed on the store. Apple also has the advantage of running many different iOS versions and having more phones in users’ hands which makes developing apps for the App Store generally cheaper. You’ll have some exclusivity either way, but knowing which collection you can choose from can be a boon.

Unlocking Phones
Sometimes cell phone users need to unlock their device whether it is in order to switch networks, for better service, better roaming capabilities, or any other reason. In general, both Android and iPhone users are able to safely and efficiently unlock their devices for use on other networks. In order to safely unlock an Android or an iPhone, contact the service provider and follow their easy-to-use steps to unlocking the device. If this doesn’t work, check out other options like for a more secure option.

Technology is changing on a daily basis, and in order to keep up with the latest advances, smartphone developers must stay one step ahead of the game at all times. Even though both Android and iPhone both have incredibly smart phones, iPhone is generally the smarter of the two on the market today.